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  1. I have the front Subframe but it's not complete. I don't have the small black part to the front Subframe.
  2. Fuse box was relocated I decided to keep the Aircon. I would rather have it for the odd sunny days
  3. Thanks, I only footed the bill front his point on. Darren did a great job. He rang me on any issues and parts need replacing along the way. The communication from him from start to finish was really good
  4. This won't be a detailed build progress since there's so much that's been done and to write it all out will be long but I summaries it quickly then a spec list at the end.
  5. In 2020 I no longer carried out the work but instead gave it to Darren at Magnum Performance. I gave him a list of things to carry out but replace anything that needed doing and that was costly but at the end of it I know everything was new and shouldn't worry about it in the future. The subframes were sandblasted and i decided to go with gunmetal rather than stock colours again
  6. The next few post will be about the changes this year
  7. Between the time I originally finish the first part of the build it looked like this 2015 - 2019 During that time I had carried out most of the build on the drive way My loom tuck was fine but I still wasn't happy with the look of the bay. My spec list has changed over the years aswell so I will update it on a later post with more recent pictures But the big changes were this year 2020, where engine came back out with subframes rebuilt, underseal and engine refresh.
  8. Have to say a big thanks to Branners and the mods to have, for the update on the forum which made it more user friendly on the phone. I be updating my build at some point.
  9. Welcome to the club and good luck on the search. When you post on the wanted thread up might be worth mentioning any specific things you want like facelift or non facelift and etc
  10. Looks great, love the attention to details. I would love to have done this in the boot but for me now it be more pain. I have relocated battery to the boot. Great effort looking forward to the updates
  11. Thanks for the update on the forum. Have to admit, still trying to come to term with the update.
  12. Thank appreciate it. At first I thought about getting a second one but decide to purchase brand new one. which I have now. But thank you
  13. what is a modified N/A power steering reservoir worth? It's polished with a an-6 fitting https://www.dropbox.com/s/tcm9j05ck97d1rz/IMG_20200706_205245.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/32ke81mnmbnz30k/IMG_20200706_205302.jpg?dl=0
  14. Jazz still have the Supra. But what Frank said, it's up to him to tell the story.
  15. Wanted: Aftermarket Power steering reservoir
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