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Club shop is now online :)


Look out for our banner ads too.

Buy your Official mkivsupra.net club clothing & merchandise here:













I don't know if this subject has been broached before. I did search but couldn't find anything.

I know the SOC have club t-shirts and hoodies, and was wondering what the general take on this would be from here.

I do have some one I can go to to get them done, but would have to be ordered in bulk.

If there is enough interest, I'll come up with a few design ideas, post them up, and we can have a vote.

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Will there be any Dragonball clothing


Ellis has already done the logo for this.


Pete has now taken over the clothing arrangements.


One thing that we'd like to do is use a 3rd party online shop so members can order what they want


when they want...and that company will deal with the orders there and then.


We don't want to get into bulk buying stuff etc. Our Yacht simply can't tolerate excess hoodies and t shirts.


There would be nowhere left to store our dancing girls and Charlotte's knitting needles and threads.

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I'm awaiting delivery of the Dragonball 2012 T-shirt & Polo shirt so we can approve them - sometime this week too :)


Once approved, we can tell Dragonballers how to get their hands on their brand new 2012 merchandise.




Also, our new online club web page is currently being built by the company who are providing & printing the clothes.


This now means all our members will be able to buy www.mkivsupra.net branded T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps, polo shirts, old ladies, pens, mugs, keyrings, more old


ladies etc...


I'll start a brand new thread when the club page is online. This will hopefuly be up and running this month.




The beauty of it is this:


We the moderators will not need to guess sizes and preferred products, not buy stock in bulk, and then not have to spend additional time dispatching various items.


Our partner (Salix Embroidery & Graphics) can take orders online, 24 hours a day, and by telephone (office hours) and can dispatch individual or multiple


items to any members as and when they order them.


This means club members will receive items more promptly and everyone is happy.


There will be a link on our site to their site containing our mkivsupra.net club web page, so it's as simple as that.


Members will be able browse, click & buy :)

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I was thinking hoodies too! I saw this: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/toyota+supra+clothing and thought we could use some of those ideas? Iv got an idea for a hoodie I'm going to get made by my girlfriends mum with the supra mkiv owners club on the back and logo or number on the chest. They are zipper hoodies too :) so let me know if you want a hoodie supplier :)

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Hi Jason.


We do have our supplier ready to go with our Supra logo on the front and the club web address on the back of our T-shirts & hoodies etc.


I think our prices may be a little cheaper, but many thanks for the ideas, as it's nice to see a member come up with some ideas :)

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