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  1. Saw a really nice black stock supra with RMM front lip in Plymouth Life Centre car park this morning. avent posted anything for a long time but had to come on and say how much of a cracking example of a supra it is. Whoever owns it, you have a superb looking supra my friend. Makes me want to take out a huge loan to buy another
  2. Heckler had a website with how to do all the heater units and dash and what to use. Not sure if it's still up and running or not.
  3. The time has almost come for a new daily family wagon, and due to my lifestyle in the outdoors I'd like something comfortable yet spacious for kit, surfboards, sleeping etc. I was looking at vans and converting them, but they are just a bit too basic and wallowy to drive. Que the Alphard and El Grand. Both are luxury MPVs with fold flat/removable seats. The Alphard 2.4 inline 4 or a 3 V6 FWD/AWD Better fuel economy Better looking Nicer interior The El Grand 3 V6 FWD/AWD More powerful More gadgets There are other comparisons but they are nit picky things for m
  4. There was a picture of Bran and the night king wearing the same broach/cloak pin thing too. It's a feasible theory but it begs the question: If Bran is the nights king, why is he moving to war with his homeland? Yet it would explain why Jon Snow didn't get killed. I like the Tyrian Lannister really being a Targaryan theory I've just seen. Completely out of the box, and makes more sense with the books description of him as apposed to the series. The obvious is that Jon Snow is a Targaryan (son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryan) which makes Danarys his aunt, (but GoT isn't afraid of ince
  5. I seem to remember you need different sub frames for the celica seats to fit as I was looking at doing it with my last supra. As evinX says, Shane has them in his so he's the best one to ask. Edit: A quick search reveals this thread (and the fact my memory served me well) http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?317156-Celica-gen-7-seats-in-a-mkiv&highlight=Celica+seats
  6. Saw you going out of Plymouth yesterday around 5pm
  7. Hi all, long time no see I was speaking to Keron the other day about my old Supra, and was just wondering who has her now? I know it's in Norfolk, and that it's now been reverted back to an NA, but that's it. Ref is K***CBA, Audi Ibis white (now) NA 5 speed manual. Do Luck front, CWest skirts, Trial rear, TRD wing. White touches on the interior. Just interested to see how she's doing these days. Also, may be looking for another one some time soon(ish)
  8. Sorry for the late reply I'm currently climbing in Wales. If you pm me your details etc I'll get it sent on Thursday, as that's when I'm back. Pm incoming with PayPal details.
  9. I did apologise for not using the template:p I also have a lot going on which the other mods and some members are aware of, which have and are having a big impact on my life.
  10. It's not being split. Job lot, starting bid is £0 +£20p&p
  11. Apologies for not using the template, but this is a one off "everything must go" scenario. I have a box with the last of my supra bits in it. In there are things like: Full printed workshop manuals (2 big binders) Assorted silicone hoses (white and stock) Clamps of assorted sizes BC coil over adjusting spanners A few silicone couplers Some audio connections T hose connectors Brand new stock timing belt Grey interior light Plus anything else I find as I go through the garage. This is a simple auction, no reserve. Only catch is postage is £20 due to the weight of the
  12. Question.......will a gen 7 celica gear knob fit? They are 6 speed also but can't remember if they are lift to shift.
  13. Sounds like the issues I have with mine right now. Unfortunately I haven't solved it yet as I haven't had the time. Mine would start then die after a few seconds. I replaced the fuel pump (as it was still stock and wasn't priming anyway), checked the plugs and cleaned them up (going to replace those next), coil pack clips seem fine. So after replacing the plugs I'll be checking for ignition as that seems to be the problem now. For me it must be plugs, injectors, or coil packs, as I can hear fuel coming through, so must be ignition related. I kind of prattled on a bit there but hopeful
  14. Anyone can PM Mods, even unpaid members. Welcome Kieran, I'll report your problem to Steve and see if we can get it sorted for you
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