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  1. Doing much better with Crypto now ta. Exciting times, but as I got into it Jan 2018 I bough in at the end of the hype cycle and ofc the All time highs...then watched it tank for 2 years...then go sideways...now it's back up again and beyond...finally. I've traded abit, but now i'm holding and staking Egld. Anyway...back to car insurance....
  2. Hi Tyson and everybody. Burna was initally correct. They low balled me approx £4k back in Autumn 2017. In the end I came away with about 14k. No replacement Supe yet...as I bunged it all in to Crypto. I paid for an independent Engineers report and supplied quality photos of the car in it's raher more splendid pre-accident state... I think on Burna's advice. He wrote my car off (after 17 year of delicious ownership) he also wrote a new mini off and destroyed my neighbour's front wall. He was drunk, there were witnesses too, even at 3am. He buggered off, but for one re
  3. Lbm

    FAO Lbm...

    "I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters: not the mortgage, not the store, not my team and all their bullshit. For those ten seconds or less, I'm free." Dom Inman 2001
  4. Lbm

    FAO Lbm...

    Morning. Fruit based hats are the new thing. I was always ahead of the game. Next month I'll be bringing out my new range of carbon fibre impregnated underpants for serious street racers. You heard it here first. And yes there will be a Group Buy option.
  5. That's nothing. I ended up in France that evening. I had to spend the night in a Calais Auberge or Guesthouse, if you will, with a Madame Leclerk and her family.
  6. Nice to see people again My head has melted having watched the film, but it was fun and a nice tribute. Thanks to JB for sorting out the tickets.
  7. South Mimms 2.30pm Leaving at 2.45pm sharp Oh and sorry about the bold, I can't turn it off!!
  8. And that church is called Bluewater. See you at the giant alter. We'll be sitting at the back with I believe 3 strangers. Probably Clarkson, May and Hammond.
  9. :thumbs:Ta Click here: https://www.gov.uk/pay-dartford-crossing-charge
  10. Sounds clear to me I'll copy and paste your above post and bung it on the front of this thread so it is even more visible.
  11. JB, are you still wanting to meet at South Mimms for a convoy? If so, what time and which direction would we travel given that going over Dartford bridge requires prepayment?
  12. I popped onto the new site. The merch looks great. Shame about the no contactc thing. Onward and upward etc.
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