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Japfest 2011 list

wile e coyote

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entry is 20 quid there but 15 if u book i think? save urself a fiver if u think ur go :)


Yeah I know mate, been for the last 3 years, but the cars in the bodyshop next week, so thats £1000 gone and the Dragonba11 is another £400-£500, so something has to give


Japfest with fuel etc is another £100 plus which I don't have right now, if we get back from the Dragonba11 and have not blown a wedge then I will be going, but to be honest thats not likely which is a shame as it my favorite national event

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!!! Weekend bump !!!

Only 1 weeks to go now to add names to list & pay up !!!

Full paying details post 2 front page of my main thread to this event

so to not miss out add names to list & pay asap

many thanks lui


Cannot believe only 42 members listed so far !!!

over past few years there's been 100+ attending this great event don,t let our club stand down this year add name to list & make payments ASAP not long to go now for booking DEADLINE !!!


Will be PM'ing all unpaid members over next couple of days to pay up as all got to be finalised by this weekend coming

Cheers Lui

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Just convinced Jen that we can't miss Japfest as it's our local National event, so we are going now be waiting at Exeter Services at stupid o'clock as normal


1: wile e coyote

2; SupraFluff

3: Noz + friends

4: Barnybrendan

5: karolina

6: Blackie

7: 95mkiv

8: Zippytt maybe

9. DodgyRog + DodgyJen

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