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Modified Live Brands Hatch


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See above link for info on this event. I think Brandshatch is South East.

I think last year or maybe the year before we had a few cars parked up on a small stand. Is it worth looking at doing this again.


Edc Drifting and Time Attack, plus loads more.


Hope this is not a repost. I've not found anything on it in the search.
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i might pop over about 11ish to the show ,i have a early car sale to do

where are you in kent dude


Look out for a purply / blue-ish drift car. Might get a free drift taxi ride. :-)

Im about 10 - 15mins from brands. Tunbridge wells.

Early car sale?




I went last year and was a really good day out! :)


I really enjoyed it , food prices are a little crippling.

Burgers x 2 tea x 2 cost £15+

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if we are allowed on stand with you we will all go mate mate, have to pop and see your place one day


Hopefully have mine on the road by then as well so will bring it along if someone else in the team can collect my tools etc.


Would be great to have a big gathering for these, as they are normally a good laugh and other makes are well supported.

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