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  1. Spotted 2 silver supras at the fright night meet in Strood,anyone on here ?
  2. dodec j

    Rare car

    Spotted on the way home
  3. I got a na auto aero top and a crashed tt6 I might sell
  4. I had a St185 Gt4 wide body for 4 years and was a great car
  5. Sadly I can't make it,hope to see you all next month
  6. Safe journey to you all,have a great time and be safe [emoji41]
  7. Was a goodnight not a bad turn out mate
  8. You get in ok,was fenced off last Friday
  9. Bring it we all car guys [emoji106][emoji4]
  10. I got £10k for my tt6 with 100,000+ miles and bad paint work if this helps
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