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  1. I never had an issue with 5 point harness with twist release. But it was a very friendly tester, ahem.
  2. How's this. Sorry not on here much since the old girl departed. Comfy enough for a daily for sure in my opinion.
  3. Project will I ever see my soft shell again?
  4. That looks sweet Johnny, GTRs ain't my cup a tea but that looks nice. Hope you're well too. Never know I may turn up to a Northwest meet again one day.
  5. Ok, some of the Hik cameras do have a memory card slot but you still need to get power to them. I spent a bit more and went for 4 x 4MP cameras with a 4 Channel NVR with 4 Poe ports. I bought directly from one of the Hik UK Distributors (a favour from a buddy). The 4 channel Poe means I only run a single cat5 to each camera. My advice would be buy the best you can afford. Make sure there is decent built in IR illumination (30 m) and check the lens. 2.8mm should give over 90 degree viewing angle but 2.4 will be much more narrow. Be careful. Listen to Bignum's recommendations and
  6. Don't tell anyone but I ran 1.3bar on my j-spec twins occasionally with no issues...
  7. well it was kind of on topic.... Might be useful in a pub quiz...
  8. if its a 6 cylinder model also check the induction swirl flap as these can cause engine failure. I'm sure you have, but check out http://www.z4-forum.com/
  9. Have you checked the rear springs? They are a common problem on Z4s but dont usually make any noise. It could be the smaller portion of the broken spring rattling around over bumps?
  10. Don't disagree with whats been said but not many people know that originally aluminium was aluminum! It was Humphry Davy that discovered the metal and originally called it Alumina but changed this to Aluminum by the time he published his work. Charles Hall was dominant in the production of Aluminum and changed its name to Aluminium on all his patents, and the name stuck! So this is one where the Americans are technically right and we are wrong. Makes a change!
  11. The website does not appear to work very well, not many cars on there and all priced in Dollars (I guess USD but it isnt mentioned). I guess a mod will be along shortly to remove the blatant advertising!
  12. I saw 421BHP on my BPU J-spec. Thought it was enough for road use, for a month or two...
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