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Top Secret gt300 wide body 1993 twin turbo manual.


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Im possibly thinking of selling my supra, depending if I get a reasonable price.


I originally built the car to use as a track day car but never got it on the track its only been used on the road. I have a whole file full of recipts and history, I was the first owner from import. I have owned it for 2 years and its taken this long to build it.


The car has 66,000 miles on it. I am first UK owner, I have only used it as a weekend car, never goes out in the wet but have been caught out a couple of times lol. It has the full top secret gt300 kit I was told its a genuine kit from the seller but the fibreglass is quite thin? It has D2 coilovers HKS exhaust with custom backbox, apexi induction kit. Wheels are ROTA GTRs 255 fronts 285 rears, 15mm spacers rear 25mm spacers front Hubcentric H&R. Had the car dynoed at Triton motorsport on a mkiv supra day and it put out 351.9bhp I have the printout. Interior, omp suede wheel, corbeau bucket seats, drivers side Sabelt harness 3".


All these parts have only covered a couple hundred miles so its like new.


Depending on what its going to be used for, either track car or show car or daily driver it might need to have the kit fully moulded in and a good respray done. As it stands in the pics the kit is bolted on and has just been quickly sprayed up, looks fine from a distance lol.



New Price £8,500 ono
















Updated pics the interior has been installed along with new stereo, I have the rear seats but I put carpet in for now.




























Any more questions just ask thanks.

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What has been done under the hood?






Its running standard under the hood Blitz induction kit, cat back exhaust jasma i think, had it dynoed at Triton on a supra meet, put out 351.9 bhp.


Price? and what size wheel spacers are you running?


Im running 15mm spacers at the rear and 25mm at the front. 18 inch rota gtr's 255 front and 285 rear


i sold the white one for 11k with a genuine kit..


the key is if the kit is genuine etc


Well its meant to be a genuine kit from japan took long enough to ship over Is there any way of telling, thanks luke


Price wise £11,500 im still in two minds wether to sell it though. Il get more pics up soon the interior is almost back in, just cleaning the front carpet.

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Battery's back in the front too. The kit is fitted well and straight no big panel gaps etc, just round the tail lights where the rear arch connects theres a gap. I went on the portland meet today so should have some more pics up soon.

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you wont really make money on that, its rivited as he intended track use, yes is copy, but a copy takes a lot of work to fit, top secret themselves did not blend the arches on the gold beast.


i can understand he could perhaps fetch that price with the correct, buyer, however its a buyers market. wheels without spacers would have been nice

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Edit: changed kristers quote at his pm request.


The person who pays over 10k for this is crazy. I'd say 8k tops.


A bit harsh imo to make posts like this in the guys for sale thread but i fear he has opened his self up to it a bit by saying he is not sure what its worth.


Either way i feel a mod should delete these posts.

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