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  1. Need to sell my Macbook Pro which I hardly ever used anyway as I have an iPhone and 2 other laptops! Here are the details £895 ovno forum price with next day delivery and free Apple remote. They go for around 1k+ on eBay. Will P/X for an iPad with 3g.
  2. Clearly a well looked after lovely example, makes it more saleable etc.. but stock twins, pre facelift and auto... 11.5k?
  3. Selling my Nikon D70s Camera in great condition, no damage, works fine. Comes with the lens, lens cap, very good genuine Nikon lens 18 - 70mm. No box, but with the case and strap. LOW shutter actuations, I cannot remember the figure when I last checked but it was only around 10,000 APPROX (may be less may be slightly more) Some pics (very bad) Here on the eBay ad £179 + £6.99 del Will send by tracked courier.
  4. 245/35/19 pair of brand new Marangoni Mythos tyres available for £150 for the pair delivered.
  5. This amazingly gorgeous car is still sat in my drive Going to spend all day Sunday polishing and cleaning it as I have someone from Kent viewing it
  6. They are up there with Toyo and Goodyear F1. If you Google Marangoni Mythos review, a few things come up which might be helpful for you. I was on the Marangoni Tyre stand at the Fast Show at the Pod this year and got a lot of positive feedback from people, and we used them all day for drifting and drag racing Full set now £340 collected or £355 delivered! If I don't get interest by Monday then I'll sell the rears as I go away on Wednesday for a month so would of really liked these all gone.
  7. Yes delivery to NI is no problem but it does have a surcharge with my courier, so best price £199 delivered for the pair. I reeeeeally want to sell them as a set though Don't think 245 is a popular size perhaps.
  8. It looks a mess at the moment, seriously needs polishing, haven't cleaned it in a month or so as it just doesn't get used
  9. So how much should I put these Marangoni tyres at to shift them! The Rainsports are a good price..
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