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  1. Although I miss this car like a hole in the head, I couldn’t be happier that Ozzy now has it, after a long and great chat tonight whilst everyone else was celebrating the new year, I know the car is in great hands that will actually finish the car with a nigh on identical vision to what I had. Having to sell my Supra after 10 years of ownership with a ridiculous amount of money, time, sweat and tears in it was very hard, but I needed to raise as much startup capital for my business as possible, that being said, after tonights conversation with Ozzy, I really know she’s in great hands with s
  2. marc_p

    MOT Advisory

    Agree with Scooter, I always get a little suspicious when a car has an MOT history with zero advisories, fair enough on failures but advisories are just the norm on most cars.
  3. Looking good, loved my old MK1 MX-5, amazing cars and still one of the most fun cars I have ever owned! One thing (there’s always one d**k with a negative point haha) is that I wouldn’t recommend those seats, I had them once before, granted they are cheap but I found them bloody uncomfortable and didn’t hold me very well, personally I’d be looking at side mounted seats like the Cobra Imolas which aren’t too bad 2nd hand. Then again, it’s your car, do what you want
  4. Hey guys as I mentioned, although probably not too clearly, it's more a post to see what I would get for it as it stands, I've been out of the scene for a little while and not had chance to monitor what stuff has actually been sold for.
  5. Morning Guys, So with a heavy heart and after owning this one for 10 years, I am having to get rid of my Supra:(, I have driven maybe 1500 miles since picking it up from SRD 3 years ago and I am wanting to start my own business and need to raise the startup capital, so the Supra, 944 and possibly Corvette as well are being sold. I am wondering what someone would take it off my hands for as it stands. As you know, I have invested a lot of money into this car(I think it's around £50k but don't want to add it up!!). For those that don't know, I bought the car off another forum member 10 years
  6. Thinking of coming back to Supra ownership Adam?
  7. I stopped using Facebook ages ago, probably been 2 years since I last posted on it, would much rather have the forum.
  8. Ahh, I remember doing exactly the same I can't believe I'm now at that age where I can say 'I remember the good old days'! It's weird how when I first signed up with my first Supra it was my daily, yet now, I have driven it maybe 3 times over the past two years, it's just sat under a cover in the garage:(
  9. Before this season aired I was saying that it would be a complete disaster, however, I shall hold my hands up and say that it is far better than I thought it would be. That being said, I did really like Matt LeBlanc and think that if they had Chris Harris for the geeky car stuff, Paddy McGuinness(sp?) for the childish humour and Matt LeBlanc for the charisma it may well be the perfect line up for Top Gear and eclipse the Clarkson days, Freddie Flintoff comes across as trying to be a bit too boisterous for my liking.
  10. I actually quite enjoyed the segment on the Supra and completely share Chris Harris's views in that I have no doubt that the new Supra is a very good car, I've owned my fair share of BM's and do like them but I also love my Japanese stuff for completely different reasons, they have a certain character to them that this car completely lacks and to have their halo car as a rebodied Z4 with a bunch of fake vents just seems bizarre, especially when Toyota is one of the few companies that could actually afford to do some proper R&D on a new Supra.
  11. I have a Stormforce, which I believe was considered the best, however I wouldn't use one unless you have a reason why you need a cover (parked under a tree, leaky roof, etc) as it will do more damage than it's worth. If you had a paint finish then you could just buff out the marks it causes, but with a wrap you'll likely cause irreparable damage to it.
  12. I agree with Jay, it's all very subjective. I have a '69 Mach 1 Mustang and the modified ones go for more unless you either have a) A very rare model (i.e. Boss, Shelby, etc) or b) an incredibly low mileage and completely original example. This is because the standard ones are not a good drive compared to modified ones, no-one want to drive a car with drum brakes, 1960's suspension, etc. People want a car that you can jump in and drive with a good bit of poke, can actually stop and go round corners/over bumps without throwing you off the road.
  13. I may ruffle some feathers here, but we need a Trump. Don't get me wrong, I don't like the guy, he seems to have no common sense and they should block his internet access. But that being said, the majority of Americans love him and I can't see a way he won't get a second term, he has radically improved the country in a very short period of time, mainly down to the fact he just doesn't give a toss about processes and treading carefully around people, he is doing everything he promised he would do (bar the wall, what was he thinking on that one?!) and Americans love him for it.
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