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Calendar for 2009???


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Supragal got a life, sold her Supra, then lost interest in us :(, then stepped down as a mod, then started making cakes for some reason. ;)




Pity nobody else stepped into the breach instead. The past calendars are great, and I was looking forward to the next one.


True the DIY ones are pretty simple to do, me and the missus did one online through Truprint last year. Quality was good and you can put pics of your friends and family where their birthdays are (very useful so you don't forget)

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I don't want to step on anyones toes, but I'm kinda missing the 2009 calendar, so I called past a printing place near me as I was passing to enquire about prices for an A3 Bound calendar, he said it would be around £5-£6 per calendar, there wouldn't be any serious discount for a large order either as most of the cost is for the materials & printing.


He had a couple hanging on the wall & the quality seemed good enough. If anyone thinks we should resurect the 2010 calendar I'd be happy to help oragnise it and get them printed & sent out.


Any interest in this?

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Jay, although I've not mentioned it to the mods yet I was planning on organising a calendar for 2010. Your prices sound good and I think a little cheaper than we used to pay.


Mike has already reported your post to the mods so we'll see what can be arranged between us.


The tricky part is organising the postage!

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