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About Me

  1. I I'm looking for a clean na 5speed Needs to be mot'd ready to drive Any colour At the moment Body kits welcomed but no horrific ones Don't mind the travel this is for a friend 5k budget Thanks guys
  2. Looking for a supra absolute max £3000 I don't want a silver one, ideally with subtle body kit/wheels, standard interior is fine, facelift lights, just something that looks nice Needs to be a manual Thanks Oh and this is needed Asap if anyone can help, otherwise il have to start looking at other cars
  3. Need to be in good condition, my car paint work is far from perfect but I'd like the wings to be in decent condition so I don't have to get them painted! no dents or deep scratches please although I don't expect them to be perfect! This thread might be here for a while Thanks guys hopefully something will come up?
  4. Hi I'm after a carbon bonnet thanks
  5. i'm after the exhaust mount found at the very rear of the car above the rear exhaust box, i have the 2 rings but my mount has came off in bits. is there any 2nd hand going? or can you still get them new?
  6. Looking for a decent branded cat 1 thatcham alarm/immobiliser to fit straight into the supra. Not too interested in gimmicks such as boot pop/remote windows etc. Just something reliable, what you got? Jake
  7. I'm looking for an oem single din pocket or if anyone can confirm if the universal ones on eBay actually fit that would be great. Thanks
  8. Anything around at the min or anyone contemplating selling up? Would need to be well spec'd, decent ecu, branded turbo kit etc. pm me if you have anything that might tickle my fancy...
  9. So after reaching an age where insurance is affordable I'm finally on the hunt for my dream car! I'm looking for as close to standard UK spec TT. Not so worried about any high miles so long as there is some sort of service history to go with it. In terms of a budget, I don't have a specific one, If i'm offered a UK TT 6 speed for a reasonable price I will be likely to stretch. Now the interesting part... I'm not going to be getting it on the road until November. I have until then to look around and find the best car I can. Cars with minor work will definitely be considered too. Im very much interested in anyone that might be unsure if they want to sell or just haven't got round to making an advert. So feel free to PM or reply here. The hunt is on!
  10. As per the title really, MUST be mint, that means to bubbling, peeling or corrosion. Anyone got something laying about? PM me, Ta.
  11. Hi guys I'm after a cheap pair of jspec turbo's need a rebuild or a good pair of hybrids, pref CT20 rather than CT12B hybrids but will consider any.. Unknown mileage etc. Doesn't matter if ceramic turbine wheel is damaged on CT20 or if the hybrids need new seals depending on price. Cheers
  12. Been checking the forum very much lately after a long break away and I'm finally very close to be ready to buy. Only thing left to do is sell my current car, but before I do that I'm having a full health check with a specialist and get a years warranty put on their as it was rebuilt there and the option is open so hopefully won't be too long now. Preferably I would love to get a manual 6 speed TT. Or maybe a 5 speed, single but whatever I get has to be a daily reliable driver, With reasonable milage, preferably standard as possible, very good bodywork and interior, basically a solid supra. One I can use as a daily driver without mega bills repairing ect. Colour I would like to get is either white, quicksilver or gun metal grey. Import better but uk would be considered. Other things I'd like would be Year: Not a major priority Facelift: Would be nice but not fussed Mileage: Low as possible MOT remaining: Hopefully a year Service history: Full Car's location: Uk Modifications: Reliable ones Good bits: Everything Bad bits: Hopefully none PRICE.. Now I'm hoping to get 11k for mine so that's the range Please PM for anything else you may need to know
  13. As above looking for All wishbones bushes can be in any condition and TT ARB's please.
  14. looking for one in excellent condition, who has one? Money waiting...
  15. My car is in the body shop as we speak all kit is fitted but the rear spats are terrible I need some OEM spats before the painter can paint it please help [sHOCK][/sHOCK]
  16. As above Not too bothered about paint but silver would be nice Anything before i buy new?
  17. Hey folks Before I order a new one just wondered if anyone had one for sale cash waiting Cheers Rob
  18. Anybody got one please. Condition doesn't really matter. Cheers!
  19. wanted dash board screws, the ones that go in the peak above the clocks.
  20. I'm after a B03B Diff please. Cash waiting
  21. Some new seats wanted for the supra. Reclining bucket seats preferably black leather or fake leather but anything considered. Rails would also be helpful Cheers
  22. As above Fuel rail Injectors with harnesses Fuel pump
  23. Need a set of ideally rear 18's. Good quality as may use them to run over 220. My CCW's wont be ready in time.
  24. So I know this is a long shot but I'm looking for a TRD set of clocks for a facelift. Hope someone has one? Just to clarify this is what I want: [ATTACH=CONFIG]205069[/ATTACH]
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