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  1. Atleast the old girl is staying as part of the furniture here. Very helpful place this Mark. So... when are you taking her out for your first dance?
  2. Lovely bloke that’s bought it, I’m sure he’ll be on here soon enough. Genuinely think it’s going to be taken care of, which means a lot to me.
  3. Thanks for reopening the thread. I have decided to readvertise this now, I have posted on social media platforms at £39,995. However, forum members I’ll allow a little more wiggle room and hope it gets cared for by an enthusiast. with this slight rise in price, I’m willing to throw in the buyers choice of any spares I have for the supra.
  4. Hi all, can I get a mod to restore my classified listing as I’m putting the supra up for sale again. second listing page, my only post. thanks
  5. Removed from sale for now. Had some good interest, but the car I was after has now sold. I think I’ve seen sense and have decided to keep it. Mods feel free to delete this. Thanks, Jay
  6. Cheers ideal, this should give you a heads up budget wise, bare in mind I did some deals on bits, new and used
  7. Infact, I know there is still loads I’ve missed off that list Would dread to think what sort of labour cost would of gone into all of this if I hadn’t done the majority myself. One hell of a supra for what I feel is a really good price. Not many at all in this condition with this spec around anymore.
  8. Here’s a little post regarding money I’ve spent on it in the last 2 years (from when I bought it) Car £19,400 Tax/Import £2,000 Side skirts £125 Steering wheel £45 Speakers, brackets, sound proof £250 Alloys and tyres £1050 Calliper paint and decals £23 Aux belt £35 Facelift headlamps £400 El glow dials £50 Hks turbo kit £2400 Defi gauges £230 Exhaust heat wrap £20 Injectors and fuel pump £610 Ecu and map sensor £750 Spark plugs £68 Fuel rail return adapter £25 Fuel lab fpr £168 Silicone joiners £20 Turbo blanket £40 Weld on Bov boss £6 T4 turbo gasket £7 LED indicato
  9. Thanks for the kind comment. Yeah, I’d say this is a more serious supra for the higher end owner. It drives perfect, handles perfect and has the power to boot. Alongside looking new
  10. Yeah, the forum seems really quiet lately. I haven’t got it advertised anywhere else, as I know Facebook can be a nightmare with jokers, gumtree give your number to call offices and you get an abundance of sales calls shortly after posting. Autotrader charge silly money for a short term listing. Added to the fact forum members seem to take better care of cars when bought through here. I’d be devastated if my supra got wrecked shortly after sale. Appreciate the nice comment on the paint it’s really renewed the look. I just can’t believe how much better it handles after changing all the bus
  11. As Wiley said. Some lovely roads down this way. I also like the roads around kingsbridge as you head down this way
  12. Make/Model: TOYOTA SUPRA MK4 RZ 6 speed v160 from factory HKS big single turbo conversion Year: 1997 Facelift: YES, switchover facelift with non-vvti GTE engine Mileage: 73,000 MOT remaining: 2nd December 2020 Can come with a fresh ticket Service history: bundles of paperwork and receipts (£10k+ in the last 18months) Car's location: Plymouth, Devon Specification: HKS T04Z turbo (hybridised) HKS GT T4 divided manifold HKS 3.5” do
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