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  1. Hi all, I'm after the diagnostic port, the one in the engine bay. Preferably from a 98+ age but I'm not too fussy depending what's out there. Just one chopped off an old loom, nothing special. Cheers
  2. I had to use a Dremel to cut the clips off the heater hoses. For some crazy reason he ears you have to squeeze were facing the head so no tool imaginable would fit in the gap! [emoji13] Looks good [emoji106]
  3. I'll get some postage quotes and send you a PM mate. I'm away this weekend so I'll check Monday
  4. All parts from a 94 NA Prices without postage Spark plug cover - freshly powder coated in satin black - £30 Heat shield - £15 Charcoal canister £5 Heater hose bypass thing - £10 Brake booster vacuum hard line with nrv - £10 SOLD Intake pipe (one resonator missing) - £20 Exhaust manifolds - free (just pay postage or collect [emoji106]) SOLD
  5. I'll take a pair of pioneer speaker covers please. The ones with the smaller logo PM me your PayPal address [emoji106] Cheers
  6. Yep I'm free, preferably Sunday as I have a BBQ on the Saturday [emoji13]
  7. End of August sounds good to me [emoji106] Also there is a JDM meet in Wolverhampton this sunday. I'll be going [emoji106] https://www.facebook.com/events/178106466300159/?ti=as
  8. No idea, never been to a Midlands one. If people are interested just put your closest town and we'll see what's in the middle of everyone? I'm in Rugeley, WS15 [emoji106]
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