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15-06-15, 11:12
Hey all how's it going- I'm Dylan and currently living in Japan. I'm an American and enjoying my time over here so far. I'm about to purchase my first Supra next week- a 93 RZ 6speed. Very lightly modded, only an exhaust, FMIC, Intake, and Bilstein springs. Been trying to read the forums as much as possible to gain insight to supra specific problems, things to look for, etc. I am familiar with turbo'd cars and Japanese cars but not Supras.
Looking forward to discussing with everyone!

15-06-15, 11:15
Welcome mate how cool a Supra still on its home soil. Put up some pics!

15-06-15, 11:43
Thanks man, I will as soon as I actually own her. Don't want to post pics yet as I haven't bought it. Can't wait though!

15-06-15, 12:27

15-06-15, 13:33
Welcome! Hard to find 6 speeds that close to stock. Where in Japan are you? :)

Hitbox Junkie
15-06-15, 16:37
Nice good luck and welcom :)

15-06-15, 16:57
Welcome to the club. Hope you enjoy supra ownership

15-06-15, 18:20
Welcome to Supra family :)

15-06-15, 19:50
Welcome. Are you stationed over there with the airforce by any chance?

15-06-15, 19:57
Welcome Dylan :)

Big Supes
17-06-15, 14:27
Living the JDM dream... Nice! :D Good luck with the car and welcome to the club. :)

17-06-15, 14:34
:welcome: look forward to seeing some pictures!

wile e coyote
17-06-15, 15:39

17-06-15, 15:47
Welcome to the club, are Supra's getting herder to come by over there now ? bet there going up in price

19-06-15, 04:13
Update: should be picking her up later tonight! Will post pics or make a seperate thread once I have them.
Yeah, this really is the JDM dream. Skyline GTRs everywhere, all sorts of automotive heaven haha.
They are definitely becoming harder to find, and also going up in price. I think I'm getting one at the right time as well.
Soon, the cat will be out of the bag that these cars can be imported with the 25 year rule in a couple years.
That's the method that I will be using to bring her home eventually.