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  1. Few bits for sale that I have had kicking about for some time now. Collection only other than where stated for delivery. All payment must be either be paypal or cash on collection. Paypal payments must be a gift or with fees paid. Sold to the first to PM me directly and pay. Black rear bench, no idea if its leather or faux, not sure how to tell. In excellent condition other than one very slight small hole if you can call it that, shown in close up picture. not noticable. £SOLD PENDING PAYMENT Door Cards x 2 and enough brand new black vynl leather to more than cover t
  2. Hi guys no problem totally understand that, provided the buyer is happy for me to do so I will post the sold price
  3. Looks lovely.....congrats! Agree with putting the spoiler back on
  4. Thank you - - - Updated - - - Cheers, appreciate it
  5. I know I’ll regret this but I'm going to sell my Supra pending a house move. Before anyone says it, yes it’s a garage queen. I bought this as a fresh import in 2017 and I am the 1st and only UK owner. When purchasing the car I had two very good long standing friends check it over, one a senior mechanic who’s worked on all 3 of the Supra’s I have owned and the other a body shop owner. Given its lack of pre-import history I wanted to check it was mechanically sound and had not had any major repairs or seen any accidents, once this was all clear I snapped it up. The mileage is low but I am always
  6. MATT RR

    PDF files

    Ah I'm not sure to be honest other than screen snip and save to pdf, sorry mate
  7. MATT RR

    PDF files

    What do you mean by advert? If it's an ad on a web page can you screen snip it then when saving select the file type as pdf? Generally when saving a file selecting the file type as pdf before saving will do it.
  8. MATT RR

    White RZ-S Triptronic 1998 VVTI TT

    Engine Specifications: STOCK Turbocharger & Induction: STOCK Fuel, Tuning & ECU: STOCK Exhaust: TRD Catback System Drivetrain: STOCK Weight Reduction & Transfer: STOCK Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes: STOCK Interior & ICE: Double Din Headunit Exterior: STOCK Milage: KM 51,850 @16/09/2017 KM 52,107 @01/07/2018 Performance: Max power - ??? bhp @ rear hubs Max torque - ??? lb/ft Max speed - ??? mph 0-60 - ?.? seconds
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