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Yakushi Show, Whittlebury Park, 1st-3rd September 2023 Mkivsupra.net Club Stand *30 years of the MKIV Supra!*


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Hi All,


Following on from our (award winning!) success at last year's Yakushi Show (Well done Burna and Wile), we're gonna do the same this year and try and make it even bigger in order to celebrate 30 years since the MKIV was launched. If you've been to this before (or JAE) you'll know what it's all about (and how well looked after you are). If not, check out the pics from last year, and here are just a few bits of info to start getting people's names down: 


Dates: 1st-3rd September 2023

Location: Whittlebury Park (near Silverstone)

Event: A Camping weekend in a field with lots of Jap cars, food, drink, and friendly people


We'll be arranging for a large marquee, Walk-in Fridge, Generator, all your food and drink for the weekend (group cooked meals Friday and Saturday nights and the BBQ running for other meals thoughout the weekend), and some entertainment. I even have it from a reliable source that the weather will be good too.


Tickets are now available in the club shop shortly as follows:

1) Yakushi@Whittlebury 1st-3rd September 2023 Show Entry Individual Vehicle Display & Camping (incl. Club stand, Food and Drink) @ £90 (spaces limited on this so now first come/first served)

2) Yakushi@Whittlebury 1st-3rd September 2023 Show Entry Individual Passenger & Camping (incl. Club Stand, Food and Drink) @ £90

3) Yakushi@Whittlebury 1st-3rd September 2023 Show Entry Individual Child (5-16) & Camping (incl. Club Stand, Food and Drink) @ £35 

Link Here: https://www.mkivsupra.net/store/category/2-yakushi-show-2023/

(Please Note - in order to be on the club stand you'll need to buy your tickets through the club shop only and you'll need a ticket for every member of your party 5 and over):

More detailed information to come (I'll update this post as we go along) one day-only entry etc. Watch this space, but for now, if you're interested, please let me know below.


Trick TT (Paid)

Dino (Paid x 2)

alanwheeldon +1 (Paid x 2)

DreamscapeGF (Paid x 2)

wattwatt (Paid)

Faith (Paid x 2)

markssupra (Paid)

Letmeshowyou (Paid)

Littlenumlittle (Paid)

Pete and Vicki (Paid x 2)

Buster (Paid x 4)

Axl (Paid x 2)

Wile E Coyote (Paid x 3)

Trix143 (Paid x 4)

Clay (Paid x 2)

Burna (Paid x 3)

X13mgr (Paid x 2)

Suprakeith (Paid x 3)

inazone (Paid x 3)

Konrad (Paid x 3)

James_CBR (Paid x 2)

Ellis (Paid)

Nutkin (Paid x 2)

If you've bought tickets, I'm starting to mail them out to you. These will give you show entry, but please come and see me on the stand for your club wrist band when you arrive too!

Tickets no longer for sale in the club shop but if you'd still like to join us, it's not too late. PM me and I'll provide instructions

Food rota:

Friday Lunch 1pm - Pizza's - Chef Adi

Friday Evening Meal Time 5.30pm - Jerk Chicken with rice & peas - Chef Trick

Friday late BBQ Time 10pm - Burgers etc - Chefs Trick/Littlenum

Saturday breakfast Time 8.30am - Food Sausage/bacon/eggs/beans/toast etc - Chef Adi

Saturday Lunch Time 1pm - Food burgers - Chef Inazone

Saturday evening meal Time 5.30pm - Pasts Bolognese - Chefs Karrie and Vicki

Saturday evening late bbq Time 10pm - Burgers etc - Chefs Harry  and Coran

Sunday breakfast Time 9am - Food Sausage/bacon/eggs/beans/toast etc - Chef Adi

Stand/Plot info:

We’ll be in plots a7,a8, a20-a29. The marquee will be in a20. Social a21. Non supra Jap in a7. Supra’s a8, a22 and a23. Tents a24-a29 and any non jap cars hidden between the tents. No big gaps between the tents please


Any other comments, questions or suggestions, feel free to comment or message me. 


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Bump as we're about to cross in to the 3 month threshold. As Wile said, we're probably going to need to limit tickets on this in the near future, so get yours bought asap 🙂


(also, looking for breakfast and lunch time bbq volunteers - let me know if you're interested in helping :))

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Original post updated with attendees list, incl. who has paid. Car spaces now limited to 35 (passengers/children no limits) so get buying please people.

(lots of people who have said they're coming who haven't signed up yet - this is your last chance before I start on social media ;))

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