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  1. I specifically need the roof lining for an aero top however I’m willing to buy the whole roof as I understand they come as 1 otherwise it’s near impossible to sell the other part. Thankyou
  2. Just gone na-t and brought engine as a whole so selling my an engine. Approx 70k miles (107000km) from new and have paperwork to prove. She's only ever been a car that comes out for 2000miles a year. Has no loom as it was used for the na-t. Looking for £350 [ATTACH=CONFIG]226865[/ATTACH] Led rear lights. They work and have reflector so road legal. A small section of leds have died or have loose connection inside but still work. Minor repair. Looking for £300 [ATTACH=CONFIG]226866[/ATTACH] Unbranded exhaust 3" cat back. Sounded lovely on the car and was told I could use it on t
  3. Ecu from a supra tt manual 6 speed. Looking for £200. Happy to post for that little bit extra
  4. Looking for an Ao2b diff. Pm me if you got 1 for sale
  5. Hi looking for glass uk lights, or side light holders as mine were stolen. Pm me with what you got and price your looking for. Thanks in advance Chris
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