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Stock boost gauge not working correctly


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I have a UK engine fitted to a Facelift (series 2) shell. The stock boost gauge is going directly to maximum as soon as the ignition is switched on (Engine not running).

The engine runs fine and I’ve traced the wiring back to the engine loom and no breaks were found.

I’ve also spoken to Keron who said he’s done this type of install before and it worked fine (not specifically an EUR spec engine).

Does anyone have any insights as to what could be the problem? I’m thinking this might be some specific to the UK engine…

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14 minutes ago, Mike2JZ said:

Is this a UK Spec Engine loom as well?

Yes, stock UK engine and loom, plugged into a series 2 shell. Everything else appears to be working as normal except the oem boost gauge (useless as they are, but it might indicate a future issue I’ve not detected yet).

The car has not been driven yet so it’s not seen any positive boost.

Edited to add: As far as I can ascertain there are no wire breaks, nothing aftermarket added and it’s 100% stock on the Engine, engine loom and Ecu side.

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Havent got a UK specific wiring diagram in front of me right now, but think its the same as USDM (as below)



MAP Sensor only goes direct to ECU on UK & Prefacelift cars. 

Facelift car has the PIM signal going from sensor to ECU & Pin 16 on Orange passenger footwell connector (which connects to dash gauge). 

I havent done a UK setup in facelift car before but seems you will just need to splice a new wire in your PIM wiring, and run to Pin16


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So a year later I finally got around to adding in the PIM wire to the dash. It worked, but I'm not sure if this it's reading correct. It seems to read a bit lower than it should. When ignition is keyed on it's reading below the '0' mark.

Does anyone know if this is normal (See vid):


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Worth taking the needle off, setting it to 0 before a run in the car to see if it's behaving? If it shows the correct reading at full boost then maybe just needed adjusting slightly?

Similar thing has happened to my temp gauge, sits a little above middle when warm but doesn't budge from there. I'm debating just moving it to the middle as I have a better reading to my ECU with another sensor anyway

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