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Aristo - High Flow twin turbos


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In the summer of 2021 while the initial covid lockdowns were in place, I came across what I thought was a good deal on a 1999 Toyota Aristo Gen-2 and I ended up buying the car. With free time on my hands I begun dreaming up plans to make the car more powerful and my idea came into fruition once I realised that the stock turbos on the car were leaking oil quite badly. Having already built a single turbo (6466) Supra, I thought I would try a slightly different route with the Aristo and made the decision to go with a Stage 3 high flow sequential twin turbos from Glenn Munro of Munro Racing Turbochargers (Australia) I did a lot of research and heard mostly good things about his work, furthermore, he has also always been great in communication and has responded to my numerous questions regarding the high flow options. Will update this thread with the progress!

Turbo Specs:

  • Overhauled and high flowed with 46.5 mm Billet Compressor wheels (stock JDM twins 37mm)
  • Cropped inconel turbine wheels.
  • Enlarged wastegate valve(32mm) and large can heavy duty actuator (ct26) for better valve opening at lower Boost.
  • Controls boost well from 14psi.
  • Approximate output rating 375 rwhp - 430 rwhp (Based on 20-25 psi with a stock engine (unopened),with supporting mods and an average reading dyno)




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Similar to the Supra, a common issue with cars of this age is the significant deterioration of the stock intercoolers. As soon as I noticed that my stock intercooler was in bad shape, I decided to fabricate a side mount intercooler using a Bell intercooler core. The core I chose is slightly larger in dimension to the OEM core and is rated to flow 1038 CFM (I don’t know what the OEM flows) and considering it is a bar and plate design I assume it should flow more. I've also redesigned the bottom pipe section of the intercooler to minimise the major restriction seen in the OEM intercooler. 

I decided against an FMIC as I wanted to keep the stock cooling system working well and wanted to use all the stock intercooler piping. Perhaps this may not be a major concern in the UK, however as I live in India, our weather is warm for a large part of the year (daytime temperature between 25-38 deg C) and as such I have experienced overheating in my Supra which has an FMIC

intercooler prep 1.jpeg

intercooler prep 2.jpeg

intercooler prep 3.jpeg

Intercooler 1.jpeg

intercooler 2.jpeg

intercooler 3.jpeg

intercooler 4.jpeg

intercooler 5.jpeg

intercooler 6.jpeg

intercooler 7.jpeg

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22 hours ago, TuneR said:

Interesting, do those need a new ecu/fueling to get the most from them?

Yes indeed, considering the Aristo is an automatic, I decided to go with a Link Kurofune which is basically Link's G4+ platform ecu which plugs into the HKS F-con harness that is widely available for most of the JDM cars. I am running the Link in parallel to the stock ECU where the former will be controlling; fuel, ignition, VVTI, boost and the latter will control the auto box and sequential turbo operation (vsv's). The Kurofune seems to be a good option for such a setup as it has several Analog outputs which are basically 0-5v outputs that can be setup to emulate certain factory sensors which if removed may cause havoc with the stock ECU while running in parallel. I have used this for the stock; MAF, MAP and for the IAT sensor, I have just hard wired in a resistor as it is an NTC sensor. I had to modify some of the wiring harness for certain functions and unfortunately I did not document the process with very many pictures. Here are the only few pictures I have of it:

As for the fuelling, I made a mistake of selling a set of spare Power Enterprise 650cc drop-in injectors just before this project begun and I now need to figure out an alternate solution. It seems like the only option is to go for top feed injectors as genuine drop in injectors (PE / SARD / Denso)  650cc & 800cc are no longer available. I made the mistake of buying a set of 800cc 'drop-in' injectors from iperformance.racing which I was assured to be genuine Denso, however upon testing, it turned out that two of the injectors were faulty. So basically they are cheap Chinese rubbish which belong in the bin. 

For the fuel pump, I have gone with the Walbro GSS352G3 which should be plenty for my requirement. 


IMG-5724 (1).jpg

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