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  1. If the core is the same then it shouldn't be a problem. Rebalancing doesn't arise as we wont be dismantling the core. I will try using the spare rear turbo core and swapping the compressor and turbine housings from the broken front turbo.
  2. Hi guys, I have a JZS161 Aristo and the front turbo compressor wheels have been badly damaged. I am going to take apart the intake system and the turbos and thoroughly inspect them. However, I have a spare #2 rear turbo and wondering if I will be able to swap them? Can I swap just the core and keep the front compressor housing and turbine housing if they are undamaged?
  3. Hi guys, does anyone know if this part is available and if so can someone help me with the part number please? IMG_2260.HEIC IMG_2261.HEIC
  4. Hi Keron, I dont need a working mechanism or seat motor. I actually just need the drive attachment which connects to the back of the motor and drives a gear on the opposite side.
  5. Hi Keron, Do you have the Driver side seat rail assembly?
  6. I am a member from India, and I joined this forum in 2005 when I was living in the UK. Having been on this forum as well as others for the last 15 years, I can honestly say the technical knowledge and the member support here is by far the best of any supra communities!!!
  7. Hi there, I ve been trying to diagnose a sequential turbo issue in my Gen 2 Aristo and after changing most of the vacuum lines and testing the vsv's I've narrowed down the issue to a sticking EGCV valve / Actuator. I tried using compressed air in the actuator and it reluctantly opened but will not close when the pressure is off. I need to change the EGCV valve and actuator, has anyone done this before? If so, do I need to remove the turbos or can it be worked on from the bottom of the car? PS: I have a supra too and I know the chassis is different.
  8. Looking for a set of drop in 650cc or 800cc injectors for the 2JZGTE. (SARD, Denso, Power Enterprise)
  9. Does anyone know where one can find genuine drop in injectors for the GTE? I m looking for a set of 650cc Denso injectors (Power Enterprise / SARD etc.)
  10. Thank you! looking forward to hearing back from you. Cheers
  11. Thank you, I will take your advice on this and do that. I need to find a set of VB gaskets first!
  12. Unfortunately the Transgo kit did not come with a valve body gasket kit. I live in India and these cars were never sold here so the local dealers cant help me out with this. I always buy all my OEM parts from Amayama. However, this does pose a problem when you dont have a part number or the require item does not appear on the parts diagram. Do you know a Main Dealer in the UK who might be of help?
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