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Would like to get a fun daily driver before I'm too old, to replace a 2006 Cmax - thinking about a Focus ST as I've always liked fast Fords. 4 or 5 doors is a must, hence the ST and not the RS. It would be several years old, can't justify the price of a nearly new one.

Does anyone have one as a daily driver? What are running/servicing costs like? Are they reliable?


Seen these after posting this topic, but still interested to hear views of people on here:


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I had a MK2 ST3 5 door for a couple years, that 2.5T engine is amazing, you will love it. Mine had the RS clutch and was a stage 1. Absolute torque monster and was great to drive, would tag along with 996 911 Carreras all day long. I was doing a 250/300 miles a week and it never gave me a problem, never broke down once!

! The Recaro seats are really comfortable (heated as standard with the ST-3), big boot and wasn't ever uncomfortable for me and my bad back! Good on the motorway and B roads, the handling was impressive, one of the best FWD cars I've owned. But it's a really good cruiser too!

I'd recommend one but just look at plenty before committing, I had mine back in 2013 when they weren't cheap enough yet for chavs. There are many rough ones around now. Make sure the cambelts been done, clutch after 80k - preferably upgraded to the RS, oil filter housing (diaphragm fails). If it's been mapped then check for the block mod otherwise the liners will go and it's bye bye engine. They're easily enough to service and parts are cheap, just a Focus with an extra spark plug!  

Absolutely tanking it once.the trip said 1.8 MPG average, motorway cruise best I had was 35 MPG ..long term average was 26.6mpg on Tesco 99 

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