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    Focus ST

    Not sure why it put the image like that!
  2. slugger1

    Focus ST

    I drive a 2016 ST3 3.5 estate as a daily and it's been great. Not had any issues with it at all. Only done about 37000 miles so time will tell if problems do arise. Standard service was about £200 and a full service was roughly £300 so not too bad.
  3. I drove mine to the Supercar weekend at Beaulieu last Saturday and as I drove to the public car park I got so many looks and people pointing etc. It still gets so much attention so I doubt if I will ever sell it unless someone offers me silly money for it.
  4. Thanks for the replies. Will scour YT for ideas.
  5. As the title suggests can anyone tell me what material the front bumper is made from? Basically I need to repair the part that connects from the front wheel arch to the bumper and want to use the most suitable filler, fibreglass repair to do it. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. I think you saw me but I didn't wave as I saw you too late. This was on Wednesday evening.
  7. I bought my current Supra from Torque GT 13 years ago and they were very good. Also bought some parts from them recently and they were very helpful. Would recommend.
  8. Anyone got one knocking about? Cheers in advance.
  9. Who did you use to get the dents out? I've got a few on mine that I want to get sorted.
  10. Whifbitz used to sell them because that's where I got mine from. Don't seem to sell them anymore though. Might be worth dropping Paul an email to see if he has any lying about.
  11. I booked mine in for one a couple of years ago but they said they didn't have the correct fuel adapter so couldn't do it. They never bothered to call me back so I didn't get it done in the end.
  12. Saw you in Quicksilva/Gun Metal on the M3 around Winchester going towards London. Looks like you were being pursued by a couple of Civic Type R’s! Very Clean Supra you have there!
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