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Trickle Chargers


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Before I go and buy a CTEK, is there any other recommendations? I've had my current CTEK almost 11 years now and it's still going strong but obviously technology has moved on in that time and I'd like to get a new one.

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We have 3 Ctec chargers plugged into different vehicles.. there great trickle charges 

we have 2 mxs 10 as they got a bit more guts to them but also have a mxs5.0 too

I think they struggle recovering AGM batters 

you need a decent 500-600amp 

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Thanks everyone, I ordered a CTEK MS 5.0 yesterday and it came today. Popped it on in recondition mode as the battery is quite old to see if it needed a refresh and apparently it did according to the charger! One observation over my MS 3.0 is that both the cable in and out of the charger are incredibly short, probably half what I had before meaning that I've had to buy the cable extension for it to reach now but apart from that it all looks good. Also Amazon have a sale on it at the moment so it only cost me £65 

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