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  1. That’s the spirit! I’m considering it, finding a genuine turbo tintop isn’t easy though!
  2. Been a little while, I’ve been busy at a wedding one weekend (took the supra out for that, lovely drive to the Peak District) and organising shite for the big day! The engine is now out, and more rust has been found… Where the traction bar mounts to the chassis the mount is rusted through, top bottom and sides to some extent leaving me with a decision about how dedicated I want to be with this shell I think I’ll probably get it sorted and keep the shell still, just have to take my sweet time getting things like this sorted properly
  3. Funnily, my UK spec doesn't have seatbelt warning at all. No provisions in the loom for it either so it's not like it was removed. And it has the passenger airbag as standard. So at least in the example of a UK spec, seat belt detection is irrelevant to the airbag deployment.
  4. Over the weekend I learned about my new favouritest job ever to do in a car. Removing sound deadening. Urgh. Disgusting, messy hammer and chisel work. No dry ice sadly, and the freezer stuff in a car mostly just made a mess. Maybe the other side will be easier. Also yanked the brake master, abs and traction system. Too much weight for my liking. Not decided if I'll keep ABS or not yet.
  5. Non-exclusive or, why not both! Most of the floorpan isn't rusty... but I've yet to pull the fuel tank and see what crust awaits me beneath it... Updates will hopefully remain plentiful, I really need to build a workbench to store half this stuff... I'm running out of floorspace
  6. Lol, attachment limit was because my membership lapsed. Thought it was setup to be an annual payment, hey ho. Heater/ac core out, cabin loom out
  7. You'd have to remove both the seats and the seatbelts. All seats must have seat belts for the MOT. But the seatbelt mounting points for the rear seats are nowhere near the sills. More likely relating to the lower mount for the front seatbelts. You're much better off sorting the corrosion now before it gets worse as mc92 says.
  8. It’s a turbo shell though! Gotta save it! And I’m sacrificing the running gear anyway as it’s not part of my build plans
  9. Bit of a lax week, took the weekdays off from working on the Mr2. But it’s been a busy weekend! Firstly, front suspension off, mostly. Anti roll bars didn’t fancy letting me do the thing with the Allen key and a spanner so they’re stuck on, and one of the studs used to hold it on decided it liked the nut too much and came off from whatever it was attached to inside the frame. So that’s awaiting my angle grinder coming back. As the outside wasn’t going to plan I moved back inside and pulled the dashboard and the headliner out. Discovered some more rust holes, oh well no picture
  10. Yup! My first car, she's sat outside on a flat concrete pad awaiting me buying an engine crane, and stand so I can yank the engine, get the gearbox refurbished, replace the clutch and probably do forged pistons so I can wind the boost up a bit without any worry. Lots to do and never enough time Might go as far as starting a thread on that too when I get to it
  11. Gutted the interior today, thinking oh the rust can’t get much worse… so yep, need some inner sill repairs doing too. Oh well. Previous owner left a lovely gift in the form of having cut the original Toyota harness, so no easy eBay adapter for me this time. Having gutted a supra it’s mad how much more sound deadening and such is in an MR2! The last picture shows the remnants of what MR2 owners call a cancer bar… mine apparently got a bit beyond just cancer
  12. New toy day. Needed something to assist with rust removal. Once again, not huge progress. Engine lid off, spoiler parts that mount on the rear quarters and old antenna off. Some labelling of bags of bolts. Did a spot of rust removal, back to bare metal in no time Oh and the car has steering foglights
  13. Can't get much worse from here though can it?
  14. Today I managed to get the front bumper and wings off. Labelled up the front loom and removed the impact bar. Not huge progress but just slowly ticking away. Also went scouting for rust… and the front drivers wheel well failed the poke test… ahh well, knew there was gunna be rust! Impressively the inner sill actually seems solid all round, only time will tell if this is the case but a quick poke here and there and it sounded solid.
  15. Oh jeez that's pretty bad! Bet you're glad it wasn't a rev1 without the door support bars! I've been keeping an eye out for a project one for a while, and this one came it at the right price so went down to see it. Knew it was going to be a big project going in.
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