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  1. Seconded regarding Paul at TCB. He's always my go to guy with regards to anything I need these days for anything Toyota, aftermarket or OEM.
  2. Pics were taken 2nd August 2015, at Santa Pod. So would've been at the Ultimate Street Car event on the last day.
  3. Don’t know if you need to touch them, but there’s an ECU and a relay or two next to the rear drivers side passengers seat belt. The wiring for the diff goes down out of the car next to where the ABS sensor lines go. The thick black cable here, you can see the relay and ECU off to the far right behind the speaker box (I’ve added the speaker boxes to my U.K. spec, normally the relay and ECU are mounted on a small bracket)
  4. The two grey clips here are the abs sensors, the grommets are below the polystyrene foam/subwoofer holder. AFAIK on jap cars these will be the only two grommets in that area under the car, but I haven’t been under that area so can’t be certain
  5. I had the same issues, tried playing with all sorts of Lightrooms wizardry and couldn't get anything clear out. I agree it looks like a 2 to me too.
  6. To be clear, I don't know if a Jspec with the two side by side reds are 100mm apart. Just that euro specs (And thus Uk specs) had the red lights separated. Worth measuring out and trying to argue the point if it's close enough.
  7. UK supras have the red lights in the clusters separated unlike Jspecs which have the two together (orange, red, white, red vs orange, red, red, white for the passenger side cluster). I assume because the distance needed to be increased to meet the regs.
  8. Bought a Noco Genius 5 from Halfords. Works as expected, allegedly recovers batteries too.
  9. Have you actually seen any for sale? Any idea of what value people are ascribing to them these days?
  10. Using Grannas Racing as a source for information on the diff ratios -> JDM autos either had 3.769 or 4.083 rear diffs. 3.769 -> 85mph @ 3.2k rpm in overdrive, 85mph @ 4.3k rpm in 3rd gear. 4.083 -> 85mph @ 3.5k rpm in overdrive, 85mph @ 4.6k rpm in 3rd gear. Calculated with 265/35/r18 rear tyres
  11. I got the wrong diff ratio above, so I've rerun the numbers. 3k rpm for overdrive @ 85mph or 4k rpm for 3rd gear @ 85mph
  12. Quick bit of calculations but when in overdrive 85mph leads to about 3k rpm. 85mph in 3rd gear leads to 4k rpm. That's with a 265/35/r18 tyre. I've got a UK spec 93 auto. Gear ratios are as follows: 1st gear 2.804, 2nd gear 1.531, 3rd gear 1.0, overdrive 0.753. The diff ratio is 3.266 3.538
  13. The boot lid panel gaps are off. It’s sat too far to the left. With what Keron has said about the boot floor being welded would be a safe guess that something has hit the rear quite hard
  14. Lots of U.K. spec variants of cars have headlamp washers. Celica gen 6s and Honda s2000s are the two examples I’ve got off the top of my head
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