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Hey lads,


I'm looking for some help here. Basically something has caught my eye recently and I'm trying to get an idea if I can buy it if I sell the Supra and GTR. I'm trying to establish a rough price for what I would get for the Supra. Bearing in mind, I'm in Southern Ireland and as some of you know, we have to pay VRT (Vehicle Registration Tax) to register a car on irish plates and it would probaly cost atleast €6k to register a car similar to mine, but, if I get a sterling price I can work it from that and add the vrt price.


So spec, 1994 Sz factory manual

2 owners (including myself)

139k kms

Made 323bhp @0.9 bar

2JZGTE vvti conversion

Genuine BBS LM 18X9 18X10

ISF discs with RR 4 pot brembo conversion

Evo 5 rear brembo brakes

W58 with stage 2 competition clutch

TRIAL titanium catback

Koyorad radiator


Walbro fuel pump

TRD shocks and springs

K9 alarm system

I can't really think of much other than i did the timing belt, water pump and a full servicing including 4 new discs and pads last year.

I suppose bad points, the bootlid is off another car as mine was damaged and its bubbled on the usual spots.

The rest of the car is 100% rust free and tbh, very clean underneath for a car of its age. The arches etc are perfect. Has the original mats etc inside.

Heres some photos.

I would really appreciate if anyone could give me some feedback. Thanks















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I got no idea anymore, I was asked to sell mine via Facebook, sent him the whole build thread ie rebuilt engine full respray every thing ever done to it in 12 years. Said I wanted 25k and was never spoken to again. 

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Difficult one with it being converted. But it's been done with good quality parts, seems to be in pretty good nick and looks great in terms of styling.

I'd probably say £25k region if seriously looking to sell. But someone may come along and look right past the fact it's not matching numbers, just see a TT manual Supra and pay £30k. 

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25k would indeed sell much quicker than 30k. It's a really clean example, but top money sadly sells slower.

Current market prices, I'd say 30k wasn't overly expensive. But, your situation would deem a little less would be better for the sale.

If you'd take 25k I'd message dealers first.

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I think the w58 is the thing that stops it being top money, but I would still start at £25k and see how you get on. 

If it was ab6bspeed, I would have thought 30k in the current market. Has some really lovely parts on it (especially that exhaust!!)

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Cheers lads. I was thinking that myself and I've actually had a few people message me over it already. I suppose the difficulty is finding something thats not rusty or one thats not ruined with poor quality parts. I think i'll put it up on pistonheads tonight with more details. Hopefully someone will get as much enjoyment out of it as I have.

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39 minutes ago, The Raven said:

Can you keep us up to date with the rough end price if you don’t mind? 

Helps everyone with agreed value and idea on market value 

Yeah absolutely, I'm going to put it up this weekend.

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