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Krimi's EU Spec VVTi Supra Single Turbo G35-1050 (The Journey, from Twins to Single)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Crazy work today hahaha, a lot of things done:

- Trans tunnel removed and new placed in

- Diff removed

- Gearbox out with all the oil lines everything. 

So hopefully tomorrow I will install the pedals, new diff in, doing the neutral lock, and reverse light switch, and finish the work with the tunel. :)







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2 hours ago, Peter P said:

Nice progress! Looking good mate. Keep up the good work and look forward to seeing more updates, bet you slept well after all that grafting! :) 

Hahahahaha yesterday I was completely dead lol, I will start now! More pictures at night! 

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Second day! Huge progress.


Tunnel finished (welded, sealed, primed, painted and anti-rust and stone treatment), pedals in, master in, diff bushes and rear end repainted, all the wiring done (Neutral lock and reverse light switch)


The clutch is still in transit... So I think that I will finish everything and just wait for the f**** clutch to arrive, Fedex its a complete mess...










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17 minutes ago, Peter P said:

Another productive day for sure mate, looking good. Shame the clutch may delay things, looks like everything else is going together really well. Keep up the good work! :) 👍

For sure, Im dead again today LOL 



If you are not handy, dont try to do this, and left it in hands of people with all the knowledge, thankfully Im experienced welding, painting, drilling... Not an easy job and not plug and play.


Tomorrow more pics :)

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2 hours ago, Luxluc said:


Awesome work in just 2 and a half days! Really upset that I cannot finish the car today! But lets wait, hopefully next week I will be behind the wheel :)


Also today I receive the J-Spec hood to remove mine and store it with the euro-scoop in it, because I dont like the look of it.


I will install it when I respray the car, to remove the crazy green lol


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2 hours ago, Peter P said:

Impressive pace mate, hats off to you for accomplishing so much in such a relatively short period of time. :) 

That replacement bonnet is certainly an odd shade, drift car donor? Lol. 

It came from a extreme tuning 90's car hahahahaa

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7 hours ago, Hammer said:

Nice work mate. That is a nice collection of expensive parts you have got together, well worth it for the great transformation you are making, good work.

Thanks friend!! Im trying not to do the same mistake that I have done in my previous Supra! :)

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  • Krimi changed the title to Krimi's EU Spec VVTi Supra Single Turbo G35-1050 (The Journey, from Twins to Single)

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