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London Motor Museum meet?


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Hey guys,


I just wondered if anyone else here thinks it would be a great idea to have another meet at the London Motor Museum again? I thought it was a pretty good little day out, we got to all have a catch up, get lots of pizza and oh yeah the cars on display there were pretty cool too :D


Incase nobody can remember the London Motor Museum, this was the original thread from when we went in 2012 :) http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?257591-Supra-Meet-The-London-Motor-Museum-Sunday-29th-January-2012-is-now-on&highlight=London+motor+museum

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It was freeeeezing last year, but the time it takes for this event to be organised (month or 2). It will have warmed up a little bit more.


Last year the meet was in January, it is now nearly March. So the time this meet is organised and comes around it'll be April/May or later. So should be warm and if not we know to wrap up in more clothes this time anyway :)

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