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Glasgow Christmas Night Out 2012 (LONG AWAITED DINNER OPTIONS ADDED!!!)


Where should we go after the meal is finished  

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  1. 1. Where should we go after the meal is finished

    • Bars all night (i wanna get suitably smashed, yet converse with my fellow man)
    • Bar's first and then head to a Club (Ohhhhh not been to a rave in a while, hope Haddaway is still going) Yikes!!!
    • I'll bring a half bottle and mix it with my soft drink at the meal (no comment)
    • Cant we just wait and see on the night (I live my life on the edge)
    • None of the above

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Hello Guys & ermm more Guys,


here we have the official "Christmas Night Out" thread 2012 BOOOOM!!!


- Location: Glasgow George Square


- Date: Saturday 8th December


- Time: 6pm till Late, meal has been booked for 6.45pm


- Dress code: 9834


- Meeting Point: Counting House (Whetherspoons) George Square


- Meal Venue: LaVita George Square: http://www.lavitapizzeria.co.uk/GeorgeSquare/Menus/Christmas2012.pdf


- Cost: £23.95 for Three Courses and Kitty amount : £20 per/head (easy now boys)



Name's: Please could you supply your full name next to your user name for the booking.


1) SPG-26 (Sunny Gautam) Confirmed

2) supraman (Ryan Ford) Confirmed

3) Ross C (Ross Carpenter) Confirmed

4) Ian W (Ian Williams) Confirmed

5) westy882 (Mark Weston) Confirmed

6) craiggilchrist (Craig Gilchrist) Confirmed

7) AlliRR (full name required buddy) (Might still catch us lot for a pint)

8) Available Space/Bring a friend.


I will be paying a 10% deposit tomorrow but the table has already been reserved. Could i please have everyone who is going, simply confirm that they are attending via PM or by posting in this thread.


Im hoping that we get a good turn-out for this event as it will set us up nicely to have a strong 2013 Club events year, and for the newer members it will give you a "nice ice-breaker" to meet all the other Amigo's. Looks set to be a great night and hopefully all on the list can attend. :D


Thanks for reading.



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Well i suppose im in, be my last half decent night out, which im allowed to eat and drink and bum Ross for a while. My diet starts November. :D


1) SPG-26 (Sunny Gautam)

2) supraman (Ryan Ford)

3) Ross C (Ross Carpenter)

4) Ian W (Ian Williams)

5) Geo (George Thomson)

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