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Last big scottish meet of the year, Sunday September 23rd


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Lets make this the last scottish meet of the year guys since we always have small local(ish) meets and make sure that its a big one! I am thinking of meeting at the Tillibardine Distillery for some food and then go for a nice drive for some fun/photo oppertunities. Will be good to see everyone again and even some of the new members can come along and show face and meet the "oldies".


We have had a meet here in the past and it was a great turnout with alot of supra's, so lets see it again but this time with MORE supra's! This is not just open for the scottish members but for everyone that wants to come for a good meet and banter like last normal. We can make a good day out of it and there is some good food to be had here aswell, i will list the details below for everyone :-


Date - Sunday September 23rd

Time -12:00 o clock

Place -Tullibardine Distillery, Blackford, Perthshire,

PH4 1QG, Scotland


I was thinking that once we have had food and etc then we can head out towards the st andrews/crail way for some fun on the roads and some decent photo spots in that area aswell OR we could head over the other way and go to loch lommond instead?


The next question i will put forward to you lot is where do would YOU like to go for a drive afterwards? Can i also ask that we try and keep this thread on topic and try not to wonder off into various other topics or i will have to tidy it up and delete the off topic stuff.




1. Drift_bear

2. Naybad

3. Ross C

4. Supraman

5. Ian W

6. Tony tt

7. Geo

8. HateEvent

9. DonDavidson

10. Gavo's mivec

11. Ffmacleod




1. L18msy

2. Westy882

3. Scott M

4. JDukesy

5. Style

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