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List of stock items weights


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List in progress of the weight of everything I'm taking off of the car and info i've gathered off of the forum. Figured it would be helpful to anyone thinking about weight loss on their car. People please add what you have aswell, I will continue to update.


Stock car weights:

N/A= 1,460 kg (Aero + 18kg, Auto + 25kg)

TT (UK/Euro/US)= 1,550 kg (Aero + 18kg, Auto + 4.5kg)

TT (J-Spec)= 1,510 kg (Aero + 18kg, Auto + 4.5kg)


Weight distribution:

N/A= 51:49 (F:R)

TT= 53:47 (F:R)


Drivers seat: 22kg (8-12kg with lightweight seats and rails)

Passenger seat: 15kg (8-12kg with light weight seats and rails)

Rear seats and seatbelts: 15kg

Glass headlights: 4.2kg

Plastic headlights: 2.8kg

Drivers door card: 3kg

Passenger door card: 1.5kg

Active spoiler: 8kg

Double din head unit: 2.5kg

Front and rear speakers including speaker brackets: 4kg

Jacking kit: 2.5kg

Spare wheel: 17.5 kg

Floor mats: 3kg

Stock catback exhaust: 19kg (10kg for stainless steel catback)

1st cat: 4kg

2nd cat: 7kg

Stock front wheels (no tyres): 22kg (approx 16kg for lighter wheels)

Stock rear wheels(no tyres): 24kg (approx 17kg for lighter wheels)

Bonnet: 12kg (9kg Carbon fibre bonnet)

Aircon pump: 7kg

Aircon fan: 2kg

Aircon heat exchanger: 3kg

Front bumper: 5kg (4kg aftermarket fibre glass)

Rear hatch and glass: 25kg (11kgCarbon fibre with perspex)

Steering wheel with airbag: 3.2kg

Heater matrix: 10.5kg

Battery: 15kg (3-5kg for a light weight battery)


Rear wiper and motor:

Door glass:

Front Uk Brakes (caliper and disc): 15.3kg per corner (10.6kg for light weight alternative K-sports)

Twin Turbo system:

Doors: 20kg each (6kg each for fibreglass doors)

Engines: 1jzgte= 217kg, 2jzgte= 270kg, 2jzge=?

Sound proofing= 3kg

Dash (not including glove box)= 8kg

Fuel= 7.3kg per 10 litres





Tow hooks=

Front impact bar=

Roof Lining=





When i start putting it back together I'll start documenting some of the lighter weight alternatives.

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Is it really important to lose some weight from the front or high end of the car, or can i just remove the spare wheel without sacrificing the weight ratio to much?


Always good to even out the weight loss front to rear. But if your removing the spare wheel for performance gains I wouldn't bother. You simply wont notice anything with just that removed. On a stock TT it takes losing 100kg to gain around 7% more power to weight.

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For those chasing down the last grams, some extra data.


OME spark cover 0.520kg

CF Spark cover 0.376kg

OME PS pulley 0.605kg

Ali PS pulley 0.411kg

OME boot tools

brace 0.423kg

jack handle 0.305kg

wedge 0.411kg

jack/ bolt 2.146kg

hand tools

no screwdriver 0.277kg

boot screen 0.559kg

OME rear mat 0.317kg

OME ariel 0.812kg


Does anyone know the percentage accuracy of public weigh bridges? I hope to get my car weighed this week.

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