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  1. This may have a bearing on this thread, but understand if it get pruned out. I have a friend who imports and exports cars to Japan. The direction of trade is dictated by demand, at present it is Caterhams to Japan, they can't get enough of them. We were talking about the MKIV a few weeks back. He was saying all Jap sports cars built around the same era, were, as we know, grossly over engineered. Which from a modification point of view is fantastic for us. However commercial markets being what they are, why spend a heap of money on R&D and subsequently production on cars that cost far more
  2. I think the reason for having cut tables start with no cut is to prevent the risk of double cut at the start of the cut sequence in certain conditions. Even at 2000 rpm with the first response being -no cut- the cut delay will only be 30th of a second until the first cut of the table.
  3. Another thing that is absolutely crucial is the ABS sensor pulse count, this is often not set correctly and totally screws up the way the system works. For standard MKIV ABS sensors the pulse count is 48. When I used to supply dats, I used to ask for a copy of the dat file that owners had supplied in their unit. Very rarely would any have correct settings for a six cylinder engine, cut tables were absent, or set to four cylinders, % slip tables were either very low or far too high, other important settings were also totally inappropriate for the car. The standard data supplied by RLTC is
  4. It is really important with RLTC to ensure that you have successfully completed the configuration drive (180 degree bend with RLTC termination plug in place) this will let the unit know your specific wiring configuration, I remember this being a real pain, as some time it can take many drives to get the wheels to calibrate. I think we were going to give up with Lui's car, then at the last attempt it calibrated. You should always keep a back up dat and a written copy or screen shot of the wheel locations. It is possible to check and set the wheel locations by jacking up individual wh
  5. Any one know if the UK bearings are the same as JDM bearings in the front hubs? JDM P.No 90903-63006 Thanks
  6. Can anyone tell me if VVTI Valve stem oil seals and cam oil seals have different part number from those on non VVTI TT engines. I suspect not ,but need to be 100% sure. Thanks in advance
  7. Trying to contact Dude urgently. Can any one tell me the name of the place he works. Thanks
  8. The time has come to sell up. I can't drive a manual car any more, and it seems a pity to waste such a great set up. So very reluctantly I will have to let the car go. I have been off the board for ages so have really lost touch with the community. So if any of you know of any one who might be looking for a manual big single in the near future (not immediately as I am not mobile) please let them know. The following figures are approximate as I can't even get into my garage. Mileage 50K+ Miles on race engine and turbo 5k, two oil changes since build, fortunately I did strip it for the track so
  9. It will improve it to the temperature of the ambient air, so the same as the stock system.
  10. Can't see the point of changing the standard filter and box with its ambient outside air feeds on car with a standard throttle body, waste of effort and money. I did it and put the standard one back when I realised how poor the filtration was compared to stock. The low speed heat soak in summer was terrible. A pointless exercise.
  11. Possibly the blades on you water pump have broken making the pump as good as useless. Not sure but thought there were two types one with plastic blades that go brittle and another with metal blades. If you are getting steam out the back of the block hoses you have some serious hot spots, I would get it sorted before you over heat too far. Have you done what Alex suggested in post 2.
  12. I think the whole farce has been an attempt to take the heat of Cameron and the buy lunches for political favour issue. Now the focus will be on whether the "top up" idiot - (minister) will resign. The wealthy buying access to government to furnish their own ends is a huge issue and far more important than a ques at petrol stations. This government is just as rotten as those gone before, or is everyone to blind or stupid to see it.
  13. V10 M5 going strong here - no issues.
  14. I would suspect the rad cap, they have a nasty habit of not letting you know when they have failed.
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