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How to: Swap your heater matrix


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Got one of these matrixes through from demisterman. Very good customer service from him I must admit.


I made a post showing the pipes to cut and bung for an N/A. This is for anyone blocking the matrix off instead of bypassing it as, a thread identified bypassing as potentially harmful to the engine.


Gonna have fun(!) trying to do this early Feb!

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Not sure on the TT. Mines an N/A but the pipes behind the ABS and going through the bulkhead were hard enough to get to even with the ability to shift the air con pipes a bit. Its a pain getting at the bolts holding the plates in place that the other pipes go through.

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This thread is bloody legend ! Don't know what I would of done without it....


Changed the heater core today and put the HVAC unit back in and have bolted up the aircon side in the engine bay so hard part done getting behind the abs :p

Now gotta put the crash bar and dash and electricals back together tomorrow... Only bit I'm worried about is the electricals.

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LMAO! i almost gave up, I managed to get everything out, just need to pull the AC pipes off engine side, I got a garage to remove all the gas. The guy mentioned that it would be a good idea to replace the AC gaskets.... I am not sure what he was talking about... I know with the new heater matrix it came with some O rings... Did anyone else replace the AC gasket/o rings?

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