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VVTi Jap-Spec RLTC fitting

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Just for the record, some advice for fitting RLTC to the J-Spec VVTi.


There have been a couple of threads on this, but my ABS unit was different to the ones that have been posted up before - my larger side of the unit had 22 pins as opposed to the 26 that most other people have found.


Below is the picture of the ABS unit and where the wires go/which wheels they relate to.


Best advice I could give is to test by plugging in a multimeter and spinning the wheels. Then, once fitted up, before you put everything back together, plug the computer in and spin each wheel again (and do the revs) to check it is registering on the RLTC software. Bit of overkill but didn't want to find out it was wrong/not registering having put everything back together!


On the ECU, the wiring was as in the other posts, the main point being that the injectors are wired in sequential order (654321) rather than the order 432165 as per the published wiring diagram.


Hope that helps someone in the future.


To clarify the ABS wiring is:


A-3 (Red)

A-19 (White)




Not sure what the last 2 colours were - Emin, do you remember? It was down as purple/purple on the wiring diagram if you recall....


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Mine, same as yours Pete. :)


ABS Connections VVTI


I've checked with my multimeter and they are correct. :eyebrows:






Small Plug

Pin 3 Red wire .......Front Right Wheel

Pin 8 White wire......Front Left Wheel


Large Plug

Pin 10 Blue Wire......Rear Right Wheel

Pin 22 Purple Wire....Rear Left Wheel



These are on my Oct 97 VVTI, I would be surprised if they were different on your 98 car.

I checked the colours on the Injectors themselves to obtain this.



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Yup - that's the ECU one too.


Pete - I had the photos etc and wiring diagrams you posted but mine was just a completely different unit.


NB my ABS unit matched the wiring diagrams Martin (mkivstore) sent me.


So there we have it - the full range of VVTi ABS and ECU wiring diagrams.


Any chance of shifting this thread and pinning it?

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Is there anyone that can make this a little more straight forward.


I have just been trying to fit the Race Logic into my car, and none of the wires match above.


Do we have an expert in our mix...........




Does the abs wires have to go to specfic wheels, or will any do as long as they are abs wires.


The thing that is confusing me is that my ecu is the same as the one right at the top as explained by 'Nicky Boy'.


I don't have any white wire he refers too, but i do have a yellow one?


The other thing is that the fuel injectors no1 and no2 have the same colour signal wires red and blue?


Hopefully someone will have some ideas.


Oh my car is a 1998 VVT-i Tiptronic too.

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Does the abs wires have to go to specfic wheels, or will any do as long as they are abs wires.


They can go to any wheel, you drive the car and do a 180 degree corner and the racelogic will figure out which wheels are which. (page 18 of manual)


You can use a multimeter on the wires that go to the abs computer, jack the car up and spin the wheel to make sure you've identified an abs wire. (It tells you how to do this in the manual)


The other thing is that the fuel injectors no1 and no2 have the same colour signal wires red and blue?

Mine were


Injector 1 .. red/blue..... red wire with blue band

.......... 2 .. blue/red..... blue wire with red band


You can test for continuity with a multimeter to make sure you've got the right injector wire, one probe on the injector wire that goes to the ecu and the other probe on the wire thaT goes to the injector itself.

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White and yellow can be mixed up due to lighting, fading/yellowing of colours etc. I'd imagine they are one and the same wire.


Ah yes I think you probably are right there.


I will see how I get on as I couldn't do anymore today as it was wet here, never bring it out in the rain. ;)


Hopefully be able to get at it tomorrow.

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