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Photoshoot, colchester, mini meet


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Post code for where the DHL building is CO2 8HR. Its now moved literally about 100 meters down the hill, we will behind there.


Right, i had better sleep, ive only just finished my headlights :yawn:




which reminds me, as it seems that its request day, i have an easy one. Does anyone have a fine/medium file they could bring along? i want to have crack at fitting my lights :)

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Does Jackie know about Tom?:search:



She knows about my sat nav. Has no idea about tom though! so Shhhh!


She wasnt going to be coming but she is now after i found out its more than my life is worth for her not to come!


Edit: Thanks for the post code btw guys!

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Guest SteveW's Carole



ME and Carole (....sorry, Carole and I ! !) really enjoyed it.


Thanks to Daman for suggesting/arranging.


MUCH nicer when it's SOOOO close and SOOOOO cheap on fuel :D


DID like the pub at lunch-time, nice food/company (even if i DID have to

park in the road like a Poor Relation :( )

WHY did you all turn up TOO early ?????? ;)


Got a few pics, will post in mo'/later.....


just saw THIS one though, why is Adi THAT "dangerous" ?????


.FatS. (STEVE, not CAROLE ! ! !, ooops posted under HER sign-on !)



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perhaps hes a 'sparky'


couple of pics quiclky hosted, will do the rest tomorrow as well as edit them slightly to make them look better, so dont complain if your not there :p


"Car wash? Fiver mate"



"Hi, im Jon"



"pretend im not here"








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