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Photoshoot, colchester, mini meet


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Lee sounds good, Im happy with the extra models of course. However if the photographers want to attend then we, as a club, would like access to all the pictures in full quality. I know some photographers can be fussy sometimes.


Ok mate, Lea has 2-3 models sorted (as well as herself) :) They will need to have photo access though from your planned photographer!!


However, I think I may have to say to Lea to pass up on the photographers as going by things that Lea has said in the past, then they will not give access to al pics in full quality, as their work is offered as a time-for-print/cd basis, which means they will pick out and edit the best of the photos and forward them to Lea, which she would then forward onto each of you and the other models. In order to receive full access to all pictures in full quality will mean paying the photographers!! lol


So Daman, let me (or Lea) know what you think on the photographers. As I said, if you do allow them, then they will pick out the best pics, edit and return them to Lea and she will then pass them on to you lot :)



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Lee, no problems with our photographer passing on all his photos and im sure members here who take snaps would let Lea and co have snaps if they wanted :)


No problems on the photographers comming along, we only want the best pics anyway ;) But i must stress if they are going to allow limited access I want at least 3 snaps of everyones car available in at leat a res of 1280x1024 with no reduction in quality. Last thing i want is for members to turn up and a couple of days latter find that they have no fancy pics available to them.



There are a couple of nice photo locations in close proximity too, so depending on the timescale we maybe able to do a few more after a spot of lunch :)

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Hope my clutch has been replaced, going to be very upset to miss this.


Any one going from the Witham area?


Yes mate... Me and Lea are, and I believe that Ad (letmeshowyou) is too... though you'll both have to be nice and dare I say it, slow as we'll be in a rusty old Clio lol



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What time you liable to be staying up there 'till ???


HAVE to get new rears(*) this afternoon:( won't be getting back to Witham

'till ~4/5 :(


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


(* NO, not a new REAR for ME, i'm past that i'm afraid, just tyres :) )


Meet is next weekend... :p

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Guest SteveW's Carole

Hi Daman,


What time were you thinking of meeting up and were you all going to stay in one place? I know there was a mention of going to a pub at sometime.


Have you decided which one and what time.


Steve is working in the morning and doesn't finish work until 1pm and by the time he gets home its about 2ish.


We would like to meet up with you guys somewhere... just not sure where???


Can you let me know some details and then we can arrange it around there ok.


Thanks Carole :)

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Carole, Hellooooo!


I recon we should be done by about 2pm. So im gonna say, you guys meet us at the SWAN PUB, 285 London Rd CO3 8LU around about 2pm, or when you guys get there. we can have a nibble and a go on the swings and then we should be able to go on somewhere else and get some sunset pictures :cool:


Photographers/models welcome to nibbles too.



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