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Photoshoot, colchester, mini meet


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Ok done :)


I have one confirmation, and am making enquiries into a few others. How many models do you guys want?


i know im gonna get the answer 1,000,000 :taped:


anyway, numero uno, i present the loverly Lea :)







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Pedro, as in on Lee Evans ("I drive ze coach") N'er mind!! lol


Yeah, Soop is sitting in the body awaiting her makeover!! Pretty new things going onto her!! pretty expensive things too!! lol



And you can trust me with a TT, I'm a good driver... honest!! lol ;)

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1. Damon

2. scrane

3. dcrane

4. Ouch got etme

5. Edd

6. afennell

7. owenreme

8. Mich

9. Pig

10. letmeshowyou

11. Flynn

12. markssupra (hopefully)

13. Marco

14. Fisherjohn

15. Supragold

16. MR.B


I'll try and get along to this is the car is back on the road. :cool:

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Lea said she has 2 other models sorted if you want them, and also that there are 2 other photographers also interested in attending this!! (It's handy having a bird thats a model lol So many contacts!!)


Can you let me know on what you think about additional photographers so that she can let them know :)





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Lee sounds good, Im happy with the extra models of course. However if the photographers want to attend then we, as a club, would like access to all the pictures in full quality. I know some photographers can be fussy sometimes.


Cheers buddy :)



Edd and pub really, anyone have one in mind?

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