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The pics are cool steve, especially the first one as it looks like eveyone is crowding round my car! I'm still up for the drag racing in feb, just got to get used to launching her!

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Just make sure that's "LAUNCHING her" and not "LUNCHING her"




Ad'... i will probably go over there on one of the first 2 weeks, maybe NOT

to run, but rather to watch the 'slippy-slidies' :)


but YES, def do the 'group' thang once fractionally warmer.


Freeport WAS good choice... i'm NOT a Clubber ! but that Chicagos place

wasn't TOO bad at all (JUST about within my noise threshold)



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Looked like a really good turn out, was gonna go but run out of time (in middle of moving house)

So cheers! Steve & Carole for taking some pics. Will try to make it for the next one.

Wish me luck for couple weeks time as off on a Nissan Figaro run at Leeds Castle with the mrs, should be fun ;) haa haa, bless her :)


Anyway, roll on summer for more outings...

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