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Birchanger sounds good......


Freeport brill.. just around the corner.. nice one PIG!!!!


7th/14th both sound ok with us... will be nice to see everybody again


(Well most people :rlol: )


Evenings ok but wouldn't mind it starting a bit earlier... gives us longer time

(for photos, gossip, drinks, food!!!!!....... catching up with the TT's:respekt: )


FatS (I'm easy :gayfight: ) and Carole (soon to be Mrs Fats:rolleyes:)

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No worries, next time i expect to be told about the engagement,....presume there wont be a next time though. Really pleased for you both.

Had a prob, turned our to be the blow off valve/aculator. To find this out had to get down to the turbos so changed them for second hand hybrids which (i think, not def. yet) blew on the test run) so i am with out a car again, been without it for 2 weeks. Maybe attending the meet with my polo.


here is a link for the end of my world: http://www.mkivsupra.net/vbb/showthread.php?t=54927&highlight=gutted

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No time decided yet. You could always meet us at freeport cause im thinking of suggesting say....6pm ?


May leave you time with if you take your T71 to work, then you could meet us at birchanger!

Bad news though matt, my supra is a pheonix and the mats are in it! Just realised....sorry

On a good note.... ill race you in my polo! lol

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Steve, Have you sorted your alarm yet?


wellll, yes...and..NO ! !


Phoned Toadie peeps direct (NOT to cut you out OR distrust ! just wanted

it direct from "horses" as it were !!) and they confirmed that THAT code

was right that you got me :(


It will NOT accept it (unless i'm entering it wrong:shrug: )


and THEY say the only two options are taking the unit out and sending it

to them (derrrrr)

OR, they say a new unit can be plugged straight in to replace the old alarm



SOOO, just saving enough readies to do it that way (????)


Bloody annoying really as it works PERFECTLY and i just want (NEED) a

spare fob for loss/breakage etc :cry:

Bl**dy expensive "second fob" ! ! !



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See first post for timings....sod it, here is an idea for timings. I have posted on calender.


Also does anyone live near me that might want to take me in their car as mine will not be back on the road?


Thinkng time wise, how about we meet at brichanger at 5:30 - 6 and move down to freeport at say.....6:45?? How does that sound for everyone?

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Sounds good. Nice one. Thanks a lot. Wasnt looking foward to playing with you lot in my 1.2 polo :D


Edit: No worries, gimmi a shout either way so i can try to blag a lift off someone else if your not able to make it!

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