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How To: Swap rear shocks

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I did this a while back and have only just written it up... (easier with two people, one do-er and one helper! A suprisingly quick job to do, especially if you have the help of Soop Dogg who's done it before a few times :D )


Take the wheel off (01)


WD40 the two big bolts that hold the brake caliper on (02)


Undo all three strut tower nuts but leave one on a couple of turns - this will hold the coilovers in place once they are disconnected from the suspension. (04)


The Ohlins springs on this car didn't need spring compressors to install/remove, but the temporary Bilstein ones did. Use spring compressors on the springs as shown in the pictures. The compressors need to be located so that when the shock is installed on the car, they are to the left and the right of the shock - otherwise they intefere and you can't fit the shock. Line them up as shown in the pictures (06).


Undo the lower mount bolt (07). Use an extension bar to push the bolt through, otherwise it will bind up under the pressure of the spring (08).


Once this bolt is out, the shock is disconnected from the suspension (09) so you need to push the wheel hub down as far as you can and get the lower shock mount out (10).


You can now remove the last strut tower nut and catch the coilover as it falls out (11, 12).


Make sure you install the new shock the right way around :) (13)


To get the new shock on, install the top first into the strut tower mount and put on one nut a couple of turns to make sure it doesn't fall back out. Then push the wheel hub down as far as you can and slot the lower shock mount over the suspension arm (14) - pretty much the reverse of how you removed it.


Slot the lower mount bolt through the shock. You will need to move the wheel hub up and down to ge the bolt all the way through (15)


Do the lower mount nut up to a given value of FT (16)


Remove the spring compressors - should be simple enough if you put them in the right place :) (17)


Reinstall brake caliper and wheel.



01 wheel off.jpg

02 brake caliper bolts.jpg

04 rear strut tower with one nut.jpg

06 spring compressor 2.jpg

07 lower mount bolt.jpg

08 pushing the bolt out.jpg

09 shock off.jpg

10 shock out.jpg

11 anti-drop nut off.jpg

12 deshocked.jpg

13 shock replacement.jpg

14 shock on.jpg

15 lower mount bolt in.jpg

16 lower mount nut secured.jpg

17 spring compressors off.jpg

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Nice write up :thumbs:


Will give that a bash next weekend, had a set of suspension in the garage for 5 months now that needs put on.


So whats the chances of doing the same for the front :yes:



I done the front last weekend... if i can do it, anyone can do it! hehe... the only problem i had was with seized roll bar droplinks.

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guys i just got the tein basic dumper today and i was wondering do they need any parts at all like lower mount or they will fit with the standard one ?


Should fit the standard one.


Then again i dont know for sure.

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attempted to do mine today, but i started with the front, i got that annoyed i ended up leaving the standard springs on, been looking all over the internet fora guide, but this looks like the only one i can find!. looking at the pictures and the info left by "ian c" the back look pretty easy and as others have said the rears are alot easier to change. for the fronts though i take it i had to unbolt the long odd shapped metal bar which runs right across the front of the car(think its the roll bar). i couldnt get it off , allan key and a spanner just kept turning, think am wrecking the thread on it:( will attempt to do this again tomorrow and will take loads of pictures for future help and add them to this forum.


nice work ian, cheers


oh am putting on tein ss

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