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Hi folks, thought I best introduce myself. I've recently bought @Scooter's Supra so will be on here a fair amount asking stupid questions. I was thinking of knocking together a bit of a build thread for future reference as I love the fact it has so much history being a forum owned car. Bit like cutting open a tree 🙂so figured it might be nice to keep that going. 

Look forward to speaking to some of you in the near future. J

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Just do bare in mind that to build or to refurbish is never a sound investment. With Scooters old car you have a pretty stock example to do with what you will.

15 years ago debate raged on this forum over modified compared to stock with 2 distinct camps and at that time there was a premium price that uprated cars held over the bog standard. Today, as the car has become a modern classic the bog standard is generally worth more than a modified car. So any money spent modifying the car is likely to be spent money that may if anything, lower the value of the car. 

On the other investment, the refurbishment, then there are many here who have spent will into 5 figures on regenerating or renewing their cars. That is never a wise investment as for every £10 spent not many £ will land onto the value. 

Have fun with it, whatever you decide to do and the archive record of useful information here is probably only paralleled by the US Supra forum.

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Hey Rider, in my opinion these cars aren't a sound financial investment full stop, certainly not as an enthusiast - parts are expensive, knowledge scarce and parts getting rarer by the day. We have many so called investers taking in absolute rot boxes and selling them for many thousands abroad hasn't helped with any of the above. For folks like me who are a little late to the party it makes running one and working on one pretty expensive. A cry from the £3k NA auto I had when I was in my 20's.  

From an enthusiasts perspective there are literally hundreds of faster, better-in-almost-every-measurable-way, cars out there. This is something I wrestled with a lot before I bought one.  I like to drive my cars and it could be expensive doing so with a Supra.  It's definitely one of my more heart-over-head purchases 🙂

That said, you can't help what you like and I've wanted one for a long time, and with prices on the rise I decided it was now or never, Scooter's was very reasonably priced and he's a lovely guy to boot and so a deal was done. I wanted a project as much as I wanted a Supra and Scooter's car I certainly have both!

As for next steps, I don't plan on spending absurd amounts of money and I certainly wont be looking to just drive it to a garage have them make good. I need to keep an eye on the pennies to try and balance the books somehow. That said I'll probably be headed more towards the OEM+ look/feel as time marches on - if it loses money because of it so be it but it certainly wont be standard. They were pretty boring stock 🙂



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Congrats on the purchase.  

Make the car your own and enjoy it.  OEM+ is a great idea.

There are a fair few of us doing quite comprehensive rebuilds now. Parts availability isn't as bad as it could be.  Often a discontinued part is still available, just not from Toyota.

It would be great if you did a build thread and please do reach out to the forum if you need advice or help with anything.

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