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FOR SALE - 1993 JZ Twin Turbo automatic silver 156,000 miles


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£24,000 ono   Offers over £21,000

(eBay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/175346145814)

Toyota Supra 1993 JZ twin-turbo automatic, 156,000 miles

Grey import in 2005 (grade 4.5):  I am the only owner since import

MOT until September 22


Full service history since 2008 (I got burgled and they nicked the car folder!)


This is an honest car... it is well serviced / maintained, but it is 29 years old:

*  Cam belt replaced regularly, not due for another 20,000 miles  (Whifbitz / Magnum Performance)

*  Titanium exhaust (Whifbitz)

*  Master brake cylinder (Whifbitz)

*  Strut brace (Whifbitz)

*  UK spec rear brakes, J-spec front (Magnum performance)

*  Upgraded hoses

*  New radiator (Toyota Luton)

*  New heavy duty battery with about 3.5 years left on warranty

*  Genuine Toyota Supra 17" alloys (off a 2002 Supra)

*  Glass headlights

*  Original Supra mats (one with a stain, but I have professional carpet-cleaner friend who may be able to get that out)

*  The underneath is in good condition for its age, I have a video but it won't load.  There is a little rust starting where it gets jacked up on both sides.


Faults I know of:

- Cover over plastic tank just under back needs replacing (Magnum Performance can obtain, costs about £200)

- Milometer went about 600 miles ago so needs replacing (Magnum Performance can obtain)

- Speakers old so could do with replacing (still has original radio/cassette/6 stack CD)

- Could do with a respray, could get away with bonnet and front bumper as that's where the sun falls when it's parked and it's faded

- Rust spot by back window


It has been maintained by TDI North (pre-2007), Whifbitz, Toyota Luton and Magnum Performance:  if you know them, they'll be able to tell you what it's like and how I look after it, as will other members on here.


I think that's it!  Ask if you have more questions.  07005-376736 9am - 8pm (answerphone doesn't work so please don't leave a message), or use Messenger via https://www.facebook.com/pamela.reynolds.906 


Car is in Dunstable, Bedfordshire (off junctions 9, 10 and 11 of M1)



I am also selling my mk1 VW Golf Clipper







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