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  1. They did exactly the same to me- glad to hear I’m not the only one. I’ll be changing from AF this year as they don’t seem to want to value a TT Supra above £20k.
  2. Good reminder. Here’s what mine looked like last year before they were replaced:
  3. Welcome and nice introduction. Like the Pulsar. My first ride in a Japanese performance car was in one of those many years ago and it helped get me hooked. The owner even offered to sell it to me for £3k- how times have changed! All the best with your Supra search. You won’t be short on information here.
  4. Great choice- look forward to seeing photos when it’s done.
  5. That’s interesting- I didn’t know that about the UK specs.
  6. A little multi-row cooler could be an easy solution, either permanently or as a temporary fix to get through the MoT. They’re not very expensive and there’s usually room for them to be mounted in front of the passenger side wheel arch.
  7. Wow. Seems the biggest culprit of the "Supra tax" is now Toyota themselves.
  8. Mine’s a GZ Aero too. I saved this from the Supra Registry a while back (couldn’t see it on there anymore though). The numbers seem to agree with those above.
  9. I blame social media for it- there’s a generation of teenagers who are convinced all Supras have 1000bhp, do burnouts and shoot flames 24/7. I was driving through a 20mph zone last year outside an old people’s home and had two teenagers at a bus stop yelling “send it” at the top of their voices.
  10. I’m enjoying the updates too. Your latest video has inspired me to buy a Dremel! Keep it up.
  11. Assuming your bonnet has been resprayed recently it looks like either solvent pop or fish eye, but hard to tell which from the photos. Solvent pop is usually because a layer of paint or clear didn't flash fully before the next one went on, whereas fish eye happens when there were contaminants in the paint, usually moisture. Either way, it needs re-doing as has been said I'm afraid.
  12. Agreed. And the more time and effort (and sometimes money!) you put into it, the more it will start to feel like your car rather than someone else's abandoned project. Keep us posted!
  13. I'd agree- genuine GZ Aerotops in good condition seem to be going for around £25k, so having the V160 in yours should take it over the £30k mark.
  14. Good choices. I have the KW's fitted and they're superb. Look forward to seeing them installed.
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