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I don’t come on here very often anymore, it hurts too much 😂 

A while back I enquired if anyone knew if it was still on the road or not. I did quite a bit to that car, and only sold it because I was getting divorced, it wasn’t running at the time and I just didn’t have the time or money to fix it 😔 

If I had the money and not too much was changed I’d buy it back in a heartbeat, but alas it’s not meant to be. 

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Ah right, well i got it 4 or 5 months ago, it was still running with the NA and 5 speed. I already had a 2jz gte with v160 from a supra so done a deal with the seller and he took engine out and sold the shell.

The car needs work, who ever had it before had hit a deer or something, bonnet and bumper all smashed up. Looks like a few bits have been sold off of it sinse the pictures when you had it.

Its just turned over 200km or 125kmiles, what was it when you had it? 

Still has bc coilovers and the uk spec brakes. The wheels and spacers you had fitted (i think)

Im still thinking about getting it on the road, respray, standalone ecu with a single turbo, 700-800hp goal. Got an sc430 diff to go in once i get an lsd in it. Needs prop and a few bits in the engine. 

Ive out it up for sale as i have a fair few projects on the go, dont particulary need or want to sell it but for the right money it will probably suit someone else more. 

Will get some more pictures.




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Externally not too much has changed. The Ganador mirrors are gone with stock ones in their place, and the bonnet has been replaced. The rear lights are different (they were tinted facelift ones when I had it) and maybe the front lights have been swapped out as they were fully refurbished facelifts tail end of 2015 I think it was. 

I think it was on around 120k km when I had it. 

Just so you are aware, those front wings are slightly wider than stock genuine Border vented wings. At the time it was only this car and the Falken demo car that had them in the UK. The skirts are also genuine CWest, according to the paperwork when I got the car in 2011. 

Oh, and the badge on the tailgate is a one of a kind commission. Not another one like it. 

If the other owner(s) didn’t mess around underneath the car too much, it’s well worth rebuilding. The way it was set up it handled so well, with more than one performance car specialist saying it was the best handling supra chassis they’d ever driven. Unfortunately I couldn’t tell you the settings for the suspension now. 

Has it still got the subs etc in the boot floor? And the white panels and arm rests etc in the front?


Its nice to see it’s not gone completely to the dogs. Hopefully you, or someone else gives it a new lease of life. 

out of interest, where is it advertised? I couldn’t find it on facebook. Can you give me a link…

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Thanks for the info, very handy to know the history of the car. When did you sell it?

Yea looks like the guy before had all the good bits off of it and swapped it with standard. 

All the white paneling in the interior is still there, door bits and gauge cluster surround. The amp and subs still in there on the 2 panels. 

The car does look tatty, a bit of surface rust above rear bumper where it joins to the panel. Front wings not attached at top possibly from the dear. The bonnet needs work and just bought ebay front bumper to give it something on the front. But underneath seems to be all solid.

Ive advertised it on facebook, atleast i thought i did. Probably asking a bit much with 30k but its the engine and gearbox that are worth it here, both from a supra originally, not an aristo conversion. 55k on them, engine has had head work although not sure whats been done. Has brand new triple clutch. It doesnt need a huge amount doing to get it running. I was planning to respray it, not sure on colour as hadnt decided. Original grey might be a good choice as the way these are people prefer original rather than altered. But ive had both what and grey cars mostly and wanted something different, maybe some sort of green. Was planning to keep the wheels which are failt good centre, just the dishes need attention. Rest of the car was going to stay as it is body wise. Prefere the standard mirrors, not to fussed about the lighys although fronts need work or replacement.

Might change the bonnet if soemthing catches my eyes.

Only real part of the car i dont like is the upper vents in the wings, was thinking about changing back to standardish, also the mountings have broken at the top, probably could be repaired but do prefer the curves of the standard shape.

If you like i can keep you updated with progress, although nothings going to be done for a while. Atleast not until next year.


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