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  1. Thanks for the info, very handy to know the history of the car. When did you sell it? Yea looks like the guy before had all the good bits off of it and swapped it with standard. All the white paneling in the interior is still there, door bits and gauge cluster surround. The amp and subs still in there on the 2 panels. The car does look tatty, a bit of surface rust above rear bumper where it joins to the panel. Front wings not attached at top possibly from the dear. The bonnet needs work and just bought ebay front bumper to give it something on the front. But underneath seems t
  2. Ah right, well i got it 4 or 5 months ago, it was still running with the NA and 5 speed. I already had a 2jz gte with v160 from a supra so done a deal with the seller and he took engine out and sold the shell. The car needs work, who ever had it before had hit a deer or something, bonnet and bumper all smashed up. Looks like a few bits have been sold off of it sinse the pictures when you had it. Its just turned over 200km or 125kmiles, what was it when you had it? Still has bc coilovers and the uk spec brakes. The wheels and spacers you had fitted (i think) Im still thinki
  3. Hello, I have listys old Supra, put it up for sale on facebook and someone said he'd been asking about it? Can someone point me in the right direction? Cheers
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