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Lexus V8TT?


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Hey all, 


I managed to stumble across this article the other day, and was intrigued to see that a patent for a Lexus V8TT was being created by Toyota. 

I know it’s just paper talk just now, but if it comes to fruition, It could be the teeth the Lexus lineup have been missing. 



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Damn that's cool.

I've been a fan of the ls-f for a while.

More so the last generation rather than the current latest. Feel they've gone a bit too space ship design but the new one photographed there looks well presented.

Turbos on v8 are so friggin cool. Wonder if they'd consider a sequential system or just one turbo per bank.

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Very interesting indeed! Although I wonder if this engine (if built) would find it's way into cars in the UK, considering the poor sales performance of the RC F/GS F.

I am not in a position to afford one of those cars, but I am surprised that they sold so poorly, I would have considered one if I was in the market for a car of that class etc. How Many Left says there are only 60 GS F's registered, with a further two SORN 🙁. I recall Clarkson featuring one on the Grand Tour and praising it, would have thought it'd boost sales! 

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