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11 year old doing an oil and filter change


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This is a link to my 11 year old doing an oil and filter change on her Saab. She is trying to get other kids into car maintenance and off of gaming (so proud of her) if you could support her by liking it and watching at least 30 secs to register another view it would really help get it out there for people to see and keep her and hopefully others interested in cars.  I told her if she breaks a thousand views she can do a “YouTube how to” oil change on my Supra so let’s keep it below that! 😂 

Not sure how to link but if it didn’t work then you can find her on YouTube as “MJ Mech”


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8 minutes ago, rider said:

Every 11 year old has a ramp to play with 🤩. They deserve a Supra to.

I had to put a ramp in the barn this year as with very little work I thought I could teach myself to look after my old Scimitar but it’s still not running 😞.  I can do the basics but I’m too old to be crawling around under cars. I had to make some extended ramps to get the Supra’s on the ramp as they are a bit too low for it. 

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19 hours ago, Annabella said:

Heh nice one, give her Kudos for NOT dropping the sump plug in the catch can! 😁

I thought the same thing! 😆 she did good! We have been playing with the editing app a bit more and hopefully the next vid will be a bit better! It’s over 250 views already! I told her if it doesn’t make a 1000views by the end of the week she has to do an oil change on my work van 😂

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