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The mkiv Supra Owners Club

Newcastle car Show next weekend saturday 8th august


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Newcastle car show at newcastle racecourse, anyone interested im currently sorting a stand with the organiser, after what looks like they are using more of the course, loads of local clubs in attendance, supercars etc etc the usual stuff


Whack yourself on the list if definate please dont say your gonna come then not turn up ;)



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cheers for organising yesterday,


was nice to get out and meet some new faces


No problem Michael, was good to see you make the long drive up again mate


It was a canny day all in all as usual i ended up burnt and so did lots of others going off the facebook page haha lobster necks allround


And for the RogerNe fans out there, he was presenting the whole show haha Sam got a mugshot of him aswell haha he's even more painful in real life :D

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