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  1. It will be because the bottom sumps are the same. I was just making sure it’s the top part you need
  2. Is it the top part of the sump your after? If so I have one
  3. I think I might have one of them Marc. Al have a look when I get home today
  4. Yes no problem. I'll get a postage quote for you tmrw
  5. This is a replica wheel with a momo horn. £30 posted.
  6. Left over from my build. New condition. For a pre facelift engine. £60 plus postage. Collection also welcome.
  7. Pair of bare door card for sale. Not bad condition only a few little nicks. Please see pics. These would need to be collected please. £40 the pair.
  8. I've got one here off a 96 N/A. Pm me if you still need it
  9. Hi buddy. I've got a manual ecu in the garage if you want to try that ? I'm in Sunderland tho.
  10. I've got a new gte headgasket, used oil squirters and conrods if you need them
  11. I can also mirror polish this for free if needed
  12. The actual bar is 14.5 inch Overall length is 18inch
  13. Price drop £45 posted
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